Some of my favorite photos for this year, not in particular order though.

calimaki Maki rolls. I love, love, love Japanese food! Suki desu!

sugpoLobsters. What I miss being away from the Philippines.
polo at blusa Polo y blusa. My kids grew up a bit.

jellies Jellyfishes. Underwaterworld in Sentosa, Singapore.

kalesa Fiaker. The classic beauty of Europe shown. A horse drawn carriage in front of the Schönbrunn Palace.

sapatos Shoes. Need I say more?
morning egg closeup Sunrise. Everyday, a new hope.

IMG_6329 Sakura. My favorite flowers. Looking forward to see spring.
basa Tears. This was the year (the half year) with most tears shed.

ajisai Ajisai. (Hydrangaea) Reminds me of my mom. She loves all kinds of flowers but this is something she doesn’t have yet which I know she’d simply grow into lots.
ucb United colors. They’re bigger.

lakad-2 Walk with confidence. Looking for more adventures in the future.

Thank you everyone!