Two posts below you saw my youngest’s photos during a shoot this weekend. Here now are some of the shots I did of his sister and older brother. Here you can see the little boy picking lawn daisies…he does that a lot and would hold all in his hand and give them to me later on. He still needs to learn how to pluck correctly though, even if I teach how to pluck including the stem he would only pick the flower itself…

Daughter was enjoying the cherry blossoms on the ground, we were all happy that the sun has been shining gleefully, we can now go out with shortsleeves at the middle of the day.

In the afternoon we went biking again and ended up in a park with hilly landscapes along a green carpented ground. There was a pond below the hill and there weren’t fishes rather tadpoles much to the kids’ delight. 😀


This is also the first time I got the chance to take photos of flowing water…one the I had wanted to do for the longest time…I have enough stock photos now.


—Enjoy your week!—

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