clouds taal

The Taal lake and volcano is undisputedly one of the most scenic places in the Philippines. Back when I was still as big as the little boy in the photo, a trip there is like a treat my siblings and I delightedly await. I’ve mentioned many times that it would only take 20  minutes at most to be at the town proper of  Tagaytay where the volcano can be viewed (there are also parts of Laguna and Batangas where the volcano can be seen). One of the more popular places there is the Taal Vista Lodge along with the People’s Park (Palace in the Sky) and Picnic Groove. We would go horse-back riding, watch concerts in the open area and simply take photos with the volcano as background. 🙂 Nowadays, there are lots of other recreational places and restaurants in Tagaytay offering great food and a wonderful view of the Taal volcano.


I had a nostalgic trip down memory lane when I came back this place sometime in July, during my brother’s wedding. taal kid
The ceremony was held at the Lourdes Chapel, also in Tagaytay and the reception followed at the Taal Vista Lodge (now Hotel). Sure, the horses where still there but there was a big improvement from 12 years ago…the place is much cleaner, well-landscaped, unused outdoor tables are covered with patio furniture covers as opposed to being left alone dirty.

They’ve also installed canisters for trash, which as I remember the trash cans used to be those green rubber made from broken auto tires. 😀 – Well, a big improvement indeed! Really, the place looks cleaner…


*I will write more about the place and the wedding (food review in my other blog) and photos soon to be uploaded.