Child education these days leans heavily on the academics such as Math or Science. Schools have art classes but not enough for a child to explore his or her artistic side. Studying art entails a significant amount of creativity and time which some people regard art as a luxury. Fortunately, art can be learned not only in school but also at home.

Also, it also can be done without too much expense. There are simple materials you can find at home that you and your child can practice your artistic talents on. Art education nowadays is not limited to paintings and sculptures anymore but can be a lot of other things, as there are so much media to try at present.

alexie painting
My daughter in October 2007, during one of our art projects at home.

When my kids were younger, we had art projects at home from painting with watercolour to making colourful  candle holders with window paint to number painting on canvas and even designing small stones. We surely had fun doing those projects, but in the long run those activities instilled in them the fun and learning experience in exploring different art media. In summer, they attended art workshops offered by the city government in a bid to bring out such creative talents. The instructors made them use different media and gave them different projects to work on during the course of the workshops.

It was also a good time for them to learn and meet new like-minded kids, those who enjoy art.

My daughter later on proved to be leaning on this side of the creative sphere, much like her dad. Ten years later, she would be holding not just a paintbrush, she loved digital art, too, that one of her art designs was chosen on display at a district office (bottom photo).

Here are tips on how you can use art to improve your child’s life.

kulay, colors. art
Colourful chaos


  1.  Expose your kid to different art materials.

Making art involves many movements, for example doodling with a crayon or holding a paintbrush. These art activities not only introduce color to a child’s life but also helps in the growth of his fine motor skills. At pre-school age, a child should be able to draw simple shapes and cut with scissors. Using scissors at an early age may also help enhance their writing skill.

    1.  Allow your child to be creative.

Letting your child create things on his/her own teaches decision-making skills. When you allow your kid to experiment and try new ideas with art, you strengthen his critical-thinking and problem-solving skills which he can eventually carry over when he becomes older.

  1.  Encourage visual learning.

Young children are mostly visual. That is why at toddler age, allow them to draw, sculpt with clay or paint with brushes to develop their visual-spatial skills which they will not get from merely reading or solving math problems. Children take in a lot of visual information from the things around them before they can read. Encouraging children to dabble in art activities which can improve their visual skills teaches them how to interpret what they see and teach them how to make choices of their own depending on the information that they see.

  1.  Inspire freedom of expression.

If you encourage your child to be inventive in his art and express himself, you are nurturing a young person who is not afraid to take risks. You are developing your child to become a person who not only follows directions but as someone who seeks new ways and improvements.

  1.  Teach diversity using art.

Exposing your child to different forms of art such as drawings, sculpture or paintings of varied concepts such as what you can see in a James Picard Art, you are introducing him to a multicultural and diversified world. Your child may be able to develop awareness of the world around him. That the world is composed of different races and colors, different emotions and exciting places.

Having read the tips above, may they guide you on how to go about instilling art into your child’s life. No need to shell out a lot, just look around you and use simple things to inspire your child to do art which you know can teach him skills for the harder and more challenging years to come.

Using Art to Enhance Your Child’s Life, art, character design
Daughter in 2018 and her character design displayed at the district office.