Got this from Ida, but I guess I have posted one basically with the same thought. So here they are again not necessarily in order of being the most quirky.
1. I carry my camera even in public toilets.
2. I don’t like vinegar and the salad that goes with it, if its considered weird. >>> I eat dried fish with coffee and rice. Not separately but in a bowl. lol.

3. I’m having fun messing with my baby’s hairdo (a baby boy).

4. I eat papaya with milk and biscuits, skyflakes in particular.

5. I prefer wearing skirt than jeans even when its -5 degs outside.

6. I can eat raw salmon 24/7…exag but yes I just don’t get enough of them.

Fertig. Now I’m randomly tagging: Doc Gita, Dompy and Luna 😉