Three days ago, a call for help to find 3-year-old Matthew circulated the Multiply community. The boy was reportedly abducted at the Festival Mall, Alabang (Philippines) while at the mall’s arcade center. He was seen being approached by a girl about 12-years-old by the survellance camera.
Today the boy was finally reunited with his dad…as reported by local media. He was spotted by security guards of the Sta. Rosa Commercial complex walking with the same girl seen at the surveillance camera. When the guards approached them, the girl ran leaving Matthew behind who was then handed over to the police.
Three agonizing days passed by not only for Matthew but his dad as well, now that he’s found, his dad has been relieved and will be able to sleep soundly…finally! He wrote a letter (which really touched my heart) about this life-changing event…read on! I’m glad Matthew was able to come home.
For almost 3 horrifying days, I thought I would never have the courage to look at Chuchu’s photos without shedding buckets of tears. Whenever I scan my laptop for photos of him to be used for the flyers we distribute all over Metro Manila; I can’t help but to burst into tears; no make it sobs which only provide temporary relief to the agonizing pain I felt every time I think of what could have happened to my precious little boy.

Whenever I close my eyes, which have denied me of sleep for 3 days, pictures of my Chuchu would appear, his disarming smile, his funny antics, the way he makes this hand sign and shout “OCK ON” which he actually meant “ROCK ON!” I could still hear him call me “YEYE”, his own funny way of calling me “DADDY”.
The way he would wake me up in the middle of the night for his usual midnight treat “FRIME FRIME”. (An instance when his infant formula was all consumed up, so to pacify him, I gave him a small dose of my mom’s ENERVON PRIME in choco. Yes go ahead and sue me! hehe!). Apparently, he liked it even better than his usual milk drink. So I bought him a chocolate flavored formula…formulated for kids this time.

You don’t want to go through what I have gone through.

Waking up at night imagining where your kid is, where is he sleeping. What is he eating? Who will wash him after taking a poo? What would have been on his young mind waking up and suddenly everything is different. Would he cry and call our names? Or would he just keep still and accept the fact that this is his fate. That this is how life is supposed to be. Imagine a 3 year old kid absorbing all those confusing, horrible thoughts. Kids his age shouldn’t be exposed to such cruelty. They are supposed to play, eat, sleep and then play again.

Up until now, the past 3 days will be a complete mystery for me. Because he can’t even speak straight, I wonder, where did he sleep? Did he take a bath? Was he maltreated? Abused? What was going on in his mind all those time? Did he feel that we abandoned him? It kills me every time I imagine my precious child walking on dark alleys, begging for food and drink. Alone and no one to protect him…

If only I can, I would make him forget those horrible 2 and a half days. If I have the power to clear off his mind, I would not even bat an eyelash. His physical state might be perfect, but what about his emotional and mental state?
In his usual “kastitaloy” language, he told me that every time he would walk away from the group, THAT girl would pull his ears so bad that when I looked at it, it is still swollen and red. He was picked up on the markets of Sta Rosa Laguna, almost falling asleep, as one witness say. Apparently, they start begging as early as 5am.

I still cry whenever I imagine him being subjected to such cruelty. He hasn’t done anything wrong. He is still an angel.

I still have to deal with the demons of those cruel 3 days. And I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for helping Chuchu find his way back home. He could have ended as a beggar all his life.

A drug addict.
A denizen in the street.
A pickpocket.
Or it could have ended a life of an innocent child.

If not for your unwavering support, Chuchu will not be here with us.

So in gratitude, I will make sure, that Chuchu, will have the best that life could possibly offer. I will make sure that he gets the best education, the skills. I will hone him to become a good member of the society. I will shower him the love, care and most of all PROTECTION from evil. You can mark my word on that.

Those past few days was a nightmare for me, I often thought that, people have really, really gone bad this time. But seeing Chuchu sleeping so comfortably in his room with his stuffed toys and what-have-yous; I thank God that there is still GOOD in this world.

And it was shown through you guys.

So let me thank you from the bottom of my heart, for giving me the chance to provide my son with the best future that I can offer.

And together, let’s all look at his photos. But this time, with HAPPINESS and LOVE in our hearts.


Best Dad In The Making,