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A Photo each Day – City Structures

January 23, 2008

Eck building

Corner Building

August 25, 2007; Getreidemarkt, Wien

I want to photograph higher buildings…cityscapes, in the morning and at night. However, time and companion (again) won’t let me. So, this is it for the meantime…I’d definitely have my chance for cityscapes later!

  1. Nice shot, as usual =) saw your blog while looking for an article. wish ko lang nag-stay ako ng matagal sa V. bwehehe. anyway, no regrets. Ingat – trina

  2. The building is beautiful and the way you captured the subject is interesting. It looks like a semi-triangle especially the edge that’s jutting out.


  3. Thanks Oggi! Same here, I like looking at your photos too and want to try the recipes too. They make me feel hungry…haayy.

    Hi Tina! This is bathroom accessories shop at the 2nd district of Vienna, really wonderful designs they have.

    OO Trina, wish ko din nagtagal ka! But anyway, you seem to enjoy ABS CBN interactive….enjoy! Add kita as link ha?

    Kyels, Musta? The door is at that edge too. I was looking for another building that day where I supposed to pick up my macbook and it was behind this building so photo op muna hehe.

  4. Thanks Luna, when the kids get better (they all have cough, last week also fever). We will go out and take photos of the city and also old buildings. =)

  5. Takes Ida! I like flowers too….but flowers don’t like me lol…btw, I am already in your link pages so I didnt send you my url anymore. Thanks again!

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