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January 22, 2008

Bell Peppers

October 4, 04; Grossjedlersdorf, Wien

At one point, I was encouraged to join a Fotowettbewerb for Market themes. This was supposedly one of my entries but I wasn’t able to participate =D Well, stuff like this is still good for stock photos…
  1. My computer wallpaper is a photo of red bell peppers.:D Everytime I go to the supermarket, I buy sweet bell peppers even when it’s not in my list…parang ang sarap-sarap kasi, especially the big ones!

  2. Last December, the sweet bell pepper was about 40 pesos each! I also eat it raw, with my sandwich and salads. Yup, sarap no’n sa chopsuey!:)

  3. 40Php each? Mahal naman yata! I remember buying it for 9 pesos sa supot (Cherry Foodarama, Congressional)…Sabagay dito pala 0.99cents so mga 60Php hehe…

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