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January 25, 2008

tram 31

While waiting for Tram 31

August 12, 07; Wien

After taking photos at the 1st district, hubby and I and the kids decided to take the tram instead of the train. This shot was taken around 9pm but since it was summer the blue sky was still visible.

  1. I’ve never taken a tram before because there’s none in Malaysia. I’m amazed with it though. Here, we only take LRTs and public buses.


    Have a great weekend ahead!

  2. Keeyit and Kyels, We do not have this too back in Pinas…in the provinces we ride tricycles and jeepneys…in Manila theres the buses and LRTs.

    Ah, I forgot you’ve been there Kyels, so you know. This makes travelling easier even better than a car…

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