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January 7, 2008

alex aurora disneyland

Alexie as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

September/December 2007

Actually two photos stitched together, the background is Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland Resort Paris taken on September 17, 07. Alexie’s photo was taken at home 2 weeks ago.

This is an entry for the Princess Postbag section of Disney Princess Magazine…

Another convenient thing to do as a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom). Join contests by sending in your kids’ photos! It’s fun! (Details next time.)
  1. Hey!

    Thanks for dropping my site and leaving so many comments. I truly appreciate you visiting. Honestly!

    Anyway, I like Alexie; she’s a pretty girl! I guess it’s amazing being a parent to such beautiful kids, noh?


  2. Hi Kyels! Thanks for taking time to visit and comment.

    True, its a wonder already that my kids are beautiful, but because they don’t look like me. =D

    I like your photos…they’re so clear and sharp! Hope I could produce photos like that! Good day!

  3. hey wait, so how do you get all the local magazines if you’re abroad? I sent Nicole’s photo to Princess magazine right before the new year but I’m not good at taking photos nor is my child very cooperative. I just sent this: http://sweethopia.multiply.com/photos/photo/26/1

    I don’t read mommy magazines and this is the first Princess magazine I ever bought because Nicole’s now in the Princess stage (likes to dress up, wear her plastic crown, etc.) so this is the first time for me to send in her photo to any magazine. Hopefully her photo gets chosen for that Fairy Godmother section 🙂

    I’m just doing it so that Nicole will have a neat little souvenir of her childhood. And also so that when she’s all grown up, she’ll see that she means the world to me.

    BTW, do you have any photos of yourself? Cause I can’t remember who you are. (I have bad memory). I just know you’re Lhen’s friend. Kapatid mo ba si Getty?

  4. Hallo Raz! Yes, Kuya ko si Getty, I think he happens to be a barkada of your other half, right? Sister ko naman is Geraldine, Lhen’s classmate.

    I send entries lang by emails…I join here and there pero never got printed pa since first time ko din sa Disney Princess. I’ll be posting soon about this stuff…Msg kita sa multiply. =)

  5. The photo if you have not mentioned to have been edited and cropped into one…nadaya ako hehe! Galing nga kasi hindi obvious na magkahiwalay.

    Hindi ko rin maisip kung ano talaga criteria nila sa Princess Postbag..submit n kng tyo uli..
    let her smile.

  6. Naku Stef,meron na din ako sinend na naka-smile…di bale sinend ko to dito sa version namin, sayang nga kasi tagal ko na di naasikaso, wala na ko nasasalihan na themed contests lol. Thanks po!

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