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February 4, 2008

violet tulips

Lila Tulpen

23 April 2005, by the Donauturm

Tulips make me happy because it means that spring has come! This photo is almost 3 years old and so I look forward to new tulip photo sessions this year. Two months more to go…

  1. Tulips really make me happy though they bloom for less than 2 weeks at most, really a short time to take good shots Kyels…but I like taking also macro flower shots so if they dry up, the smaller flowers are my option;-)

  2. I remember my grandmother’s calendar when I was a kid— photos of tulips…in various colors. They’re beautiful! I had a bundle of tulips once for my birthday. Sobrang kinilig ako! hahahaha

  3. They are second favorite flowers Luna…kahit madaling mamatay…I guess thats one reason they tend to be expensive =( The bulbs are sold at 2,50euro for 5…So I just go the park to see since I am not good in raising them lol.

  4. Hallo SenorE! There are also orange and red and others of crossbreed that comes with two colors…I think I’d be able to post them in April…=D Still some time to go. Thanks for dropping by.

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