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January 10, 2008

Chess pieces
January 5, 08Home

Down memory lane-I am thankful for our P.E. teachers back in grade school…I could never forget coz it was always fun! Chess (and dama)were introduced to us and they eventually became my favorite (board)games! I even won a championship back then and in highschool played also for the Interschool competition. Chess, anyone?

  1. Chess, laro ‘to ng matatalino.:) I played dama in high school…taught me to strategize and interact with boys. hehehe

    Nice glass chess pieces.:)

  2. hmmm…nah, I think better to say laro ng strategic na tao…True, there are more boys interested in playing this than girls hehe..ayus ka!

    I bought this immediately when I saw it sa newsletter! lol.

  3. I’ve always loved chess! Used to play it all the time but there’s no one for me to play with now because most of my pals dislike chess! Haay!

    Anyway, I like your chess pieces. Are they made out of glass?


  4. Yes Kyels, they are of glass..I’m gonna experiment taking photos of them in low-light when I remember, but this is it for the meantime…

    You can try going to parks where older people plays chess and have a match there! Maybe your pals prefer psp and arcade games than a long chess match hehe..

  5. I game on PSP too but I still like board games and tactical games like chess! Also RISK … Hehe.

    Well, the parks here are not exactly utilised and there are no chess tables around. Bah!

  6. Then come over here Kyels and I’ll show you were the people gather to play chess…but in summer or whenever the weather is great!

    Chess on PSPs are available too hehe or online in yahoo games! I do that sometimes when I don’t have anyone to play with. Thanks for dropping by!

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