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A Photo each Day – Street Scenes

February 20, 2008


White Horses, Fiaker

12 February 08

When tired of walking, tourists get to see Vienna by bustouring, boat rides or by the ‘Fiaker,’ a calesa with (most of the time) open carriage. This reminds me so much of the Philippines, as my grandma would tell us grandkids that before the cars they used to travel long distances only by foot and later by calesa. Now, these carriages have evolved to a Classic vehicle among many cities.


Fiakers can also be rented for special occasions most especially weddings. More info here.

  1. Hi

    it’s me again…do you know what? They denied me on Daily City Blog, because my Blog has not the title from a city and my photography is obviously not about a city. 🙂

    Thanks anyway to support me and to believe in my photography.Very kind of you.

  2. Hi Sue! I was also denied the first time. Because I submitted this blog with other photos that are not from Vienna…I have Paris and Deutschland. What I did is put the Vienna photos together under the same label(category) but it was a little difficult for me so I made a blog with the title for it, Vienna Daily… =) I also felt bad…But don’t worry, if you find the time to blog about your current city I know they’d accept. Good day!

  3. Wow! What beautiful horses! I’d probably taking many rides if I were there. I enjoy riding the calesas here in Manila.

    You’re very fortunate to be in such a gorgeous city 🙂

  4. Thanks SenorE, but I’d trade the weather there to what we have here now =D Manila is as wonderful as well, as presented by you and Pusa…=) TC!

  5. Hi g-mirage

    thanks for your kind tips. I should have a blog with a city name only, they told me and you can post only one picture a day from that city.

    But I have seen blogs they have pictures about cats and birds in the post – has nothing to do with their rules. Anyway, I don’t force anything there anymore.

    Thank you soooo much again for your help. 🙂

  6. Hi Sue, sorry about this experience, I did not mean to make you feel bad…I just saw that you realla have great photos and it would be nice to get them exposed well. The thing is, as long as the photo is taken within the certain city, cats, birds and bees would do.

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