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A Photo Each Day – Street Scenes

January 11, 2008
Diabolo performer
October 2007; 1st District, Vienna

It was relatively a cold day but this street performer didn’t mind showing off his chest (haha) and diabolo skills. Diabolo is a variation of the Chinese Yoyo, better to say Western version of it.

Compared to our traditional yoyo, the bodies of the diabolo are bigger and are not attached to the string so the player can freely throw the diabolo off. (More on yoyos soon).

  1. This street performer reminds me of the International Buskers’ that I attended last year. They were traveling around the city and performing at various shopping malls. I was stunned with what they can do.


  2. The Chinese yoyos and diabolos are used in circus performances too Kyels. This toy tests a person’s hand and eye coordination…I think I need this. lol.

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