10 October 07

By the Thaliastrasse Market…

Sometimes, when we, as photographers are on the street taking photos of buildings, city scapes, events, some people who happens to be in the area would shy away as we aim the camera. Surprisingly, some would actually request for a photo and pose for you, like the man in this photo.

I was at the market taking photos of apples, oranges and grapes after the Indian storekeeper gave me a nod to do so. The man, who said his name’s Harald, came near and asked me (in an unfriendly, interrogating manner) what was I doing and if I was allowed to do it? I said I was allowed and was taking photos of the fruit…obviously. He asked if I also take photos of people, my reply: “Yes, sir, why?” – “Could you take a photo of me too?” =D So there goes the story behind this photo.


As was suggested by Pusang Maganda, at Senor Enrique’s blog, these people who came to us for photos need to be given a tribute because they do not actually ask for a copy of their photos. Though they were happy enough that we gave a few seconds of our time to focus the camera on them, a little space in our page will be nicer.