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ABC Wednesday – Underground

December 9, 2008


One photography subject I find interesting would be symmetry inside the Underground that leads to the trains. Shallow as it may, I am amazed how this massive tunnels have been constructed. I’ve seen the construction though of some of Vienna’s newest trainlines as I pass by everyday but I still think the endproduct is not only a convenient way for passengers but a wonder too.

Above is the trainstation Zippererstrasse U3 Line, below is Karlsplatz station which is notorious for the smelly elevators. Karlsplatz is in the city center where lots of other trainlines, trams, buses, local lines, sightseeing tourist vehicles abound.


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  1. Hi G! It’s amazing how you managed to get good pictures without any people (only your children).

    I suddenly remembered all the names of the stations. Good memories. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Oh yeah, this is a beautiful subject. I think this can be photographed in 100 different ways. I learned of one blogger who took the challenge of photographing one subject a hundred different ways.

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