You might wonder what this little boy’s photo has to do with will (power).

Let me tell you about him, he is an almost 3 year-old boy who seldom cries. He loves singing and imitation is his favorite game. He would repeat words or follow you around the house and do whatever you do. We at home sometimes call him a ‘papagei (parrot).’ And to this he will reply, “I’m no papagei, you are!”

He is one determined boy, when he sets his mind to do something, he will do all he can for it. I cannot simply tell him off to stop, I guess that’s what he got from me.

He can be difficult at times, but that’s the fun in raising kids, or so I believe.

This photo was taken on our way home from his kindergarten, a 7-minute walk. He said he wanted to bring the paper bag home…no help from mommy nor from older sister and brother. The bag contains his dirty clothes, some artwork he and his brother did at the kindergarten and some more kulimpats.

I was hesitant to give him the bag, but he insisted and even gave out a smile when I aimed the phone camera for a shot! Well, I guess the little boy is trying to set his foot someplace he can prove himself useful. Having willpower might be useful someday!


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