My first ever answer to teacher Julie’s weekly questions…sorry teach, will try to do this weekly πŸ˜€

For this week, we are to write about “thoughts when BB said that Rustom is dead when he came out.”


I seldom watch Filipino movies, then and now. Rustom Padilla was one of the very few Filipino actors I admire(d). He has a fresh, innocent look yet macho appeal and that kilig factor that makes him a suitable partner for then gf Carmina Villaroel.

I heard of his confession from a friend over our chatsession, I just shrugged my shoulders. Then that same friend showed me a youtube video of Rustom as Bebe Gandanghari where she said that Rustom is dead. We had a long chat about itΒ  (his being gay) andΒ  how we both like the Rustom-Carmina tandem. Jokingly, we said too that she now looks like Carmina although Bebe does admire Melanie Marquez opting to sport the same hairstyle, clothes and all. Fortunately, she (Bebe) didn’t took on her (Melanie) humor. (My, I kept getting confused with all the *her*).

Change is good. So she says, but to what extent?

I understand the change that Bebe decided to have, I do sense her honesty and kindheartedness. Understanding doesn’t necessarily mean agreement though. Hopefully this is just a phase, I would be happy to see Rustom alive. πŸ™‚