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March 12, 2008

here comes the bus

It was not a good day. I was standing at the waiting shed for 5 minutes with my 2 boys. I saw the bus coming so I positioned the stroller, getting ready to heave it up. The annoying thing happened, the bus didn’t stop, the driver looked at me, motioned his head like saying ‘oooppss’ and shrugged his shoulders… =(

So what I did is take the plate number and wrote it along with the time he passed us by…coz as a rule, the buses should stop no matter what! Unless they are broken are what we call Sonderwagen, they should stop! I unfortunately forgot to call the Wiener Linien, the government owned transportation sstem in Vienna…I know there isn’t much telling them could do but its SOP too so, bus driver of 32A 2149 LO going to Strebersdorf at 8:15 am, you saw us at Rittingergasse, hope next time you stop so we don’t get late to whatever things we should attend to! =P

  1. Bah! I hate that too. It does happen here sometimes or when the trains are not being maintained and they break down when you’re in the need of attending some urgencies.

  2. lol Kyels, its really a bugger! But some drivers could be nice like today, one even waved goodbye and smiled…I’ll just forget about the not so nice ones hehe.

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