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White tulip

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“The business of a poet, said Imlac, is to examine, not the individual but the species; to remark general properties and large appearances. He does not number the streaks of the tulip.” – Samuel Johnson


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A single tulip

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The tulip and the butterfly
Appear in gayer coats than I:
Let me be dressed fine as I will,
Flies, worms, and flowers exceed me still.
~Isaac Watts
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Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.
 ~Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858
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“The one red leaf, the last of its clan,
That dances as often as dance it can,
Hanging so light, and hanging so high,
On the topmost twig that looks up at the sky.”
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge quotes
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“It is, in my view, the duty of an apple to be crisp and crunchable, but a pear should have such a texture as leads to silent consumption.”

Edward Bunyard, ‘The Anatomy of Dessert’
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