Create Your Own Customized CRM App for Your Business

By on February 2, 2015


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People would usually have two things to say about technology – it’s awesome or it’s made so many people lazy. Whatever differences in opinion individuals may have, there is no denying how technology has had a huge impact on how entrepreneurs manage their businesses. In fact, technology has modified how entrepreneurs regulate their customer base. It has also changed how businesses interact with their customers, all thanks to Customer Relationship Management software or CRM software, which has been around for quite some time.

While the practicality of CRM software is undeniable, a growing number of businesses have adapted a more streamline approach – the use of mobile applications to manage their customers – and are starting to reap numerous rewards from such apps. Mobile apps, both Android and iOS, for customer management has made it possible for each member of a team to keep in step with office protocols and manage individual customer accounts even when away from the office. Because of this, the productivity as well as the sales of the company can be boosted.

It’s a good thing that developing mobile apps these days have become a breeze, but especially so with Android apps. In fact, one doesn’t need to have a solid background in app development or IT in order to create your own Android apps. Creating apps have become commonplace thanks to websites that make app creation as easy as 1-2-3.

Mobile Apps for Your Business

Let’s suppose you have a startup business and you want to attract potential customers. How do you go about it? Simple. Create catchy, convenient, and reliable mobile applications that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

However, before tapping the most feasible mobile app software being used today, entrepreneurs, especially the newbies should know what mobile applications could do to their businesses.

1. Mobile applications are very convenient for consumers. Customers can access a certain website or program just by tapping several keys on their smartphones. Mobile applications empower consumers to further educate themselves about the products and/or service that they’re considering.

2. Mobile applications promote freedom. Since creating your own mobile apps give you free rein on what and what not to include, you can easily maintain your business’ program, manipulate various information, enter up to date info, and install new data. It’s about the owner having no restrictions regarding his company.

3. Creating your own mobile applications allows you to make use of features to enhance customer communication. Such applications could leverage the brand especially since it’s already installed in the device. Other than that, mobile applications could aid entrepreneurs in enhancing their interaction with their consumers. They could as well handle queries and complaints, as well as solve problems efficiently.

Where to Look for Android Mobile Apps Creator

Are you finally convinced as to the usefulness of creating your own Android apps for your business? If you are, here are a few platforms that you can check out. These platforms make creating Android mobile apps so much easier.

* ChupaMobile

This site offers app and game templates that are fully customizable. You don’t even have to start from scratch because everything you’ll need to start creating your Android app is right there.

* TheAppBuilder

This specific platform supplies a suite of applications, which would fit events, clients, brochures, as well as the employees, and there are two different approaches. User could develop an application by utilizing the online toolkit. It has a dedicated AppLibrary, which allows the entrepreneur to render the users with a vast range of apps, which could be customized with the company’s own branding.

* Mobile Roadie

This is among the most sought-after application creators, since it enables the users to develop, as well as manage their own Android or iOS application. This platform could support all kinds of media.

There you have it. It doesn’t take a genius to create an Android app for your business. With ample computer know-how and a solid platform to help you create a failsafe app, you’d be creating apps like a pro in no time.


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Photography | Winter activities

Taking Pictures On The Slopes

By on January 14, 2015


family ski trip
A photo that I took during our last ski trip, before heading down the hill.


Whether it’s your first time on the slopes or you’re an experienced skier, you might want to get some pictures of yourself on the snow. There are ways that you can get amazing pictures while you are skiing that will let you remember your day and see how your placement on the skis is so that you can improve.

The best time to take pictures while skiing is before you head down the hill and while you’re going downhill. Try not to take pictures while you are going through curves. Instead, let someone else take them as they are standing on the side. You can get some action shots if the person knows how to control the zoom and the shutter speed. Avoid getting dead space in the picture. You don’t want to have a picture of only you with a large area of white snow surrounding you in the picture. This is where the zoom feature comes in handy.

boys sled, skiing
Waiting for dad.


Most of the time, you won’t have a camera attached to your goggles while you’re skiing. If you can attach a small camera, then this would be the best way to get pictures of the slopes and the maneuvers that you do while on the snow. There are some ways that someone on the sidelines can use to get the best pictures possible. It will be cold outside, so you need to know how to handle the camera. The batteries in the camera might not be able to withstand terribly cold temperatures. You will need to have extras in case they fail. The shutter might also be a little slower than usual, so you need to be ready to snap a picture as soon as you get the shot in the frame. Keep everything in your coat pocket until you’re ready to start taking pictures. If you only have a large camera, consider downsizing for these pictures to something smaller so that you can keep the camera warm.

When you take want pictures that give the impression of speed, there are some things that you can keep in mind. You need to know of the right location to sit so that you get the best shot when the skier is going past you. You can communicate with the skier so that he will know where you will be if he wants to do some kind of trick. You should also give the skier a signal so that he knows when you are ready to start taking pictures. This will also help keep the camera from being exposed to the cold air for a long period of time. If you have on gloves, take them off before shooting so that they don’t interfere with hitting the buttons on the camera. You can stand in the path of the skier if you want to get a shot of the front of the person, but you need to be ready to move out of the way quickly. Most new cameras have autofocus so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting the target in the frame. Jim Decker’s Twitter page shows examples of pictures that can be taken on the slopes.

skiing, gondola, gopro
A Gopro camera attached to the helmet is a good idea, too. ^_^


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home comfort zone

Making the Move Smooth for Kids and the Family

By on January 12, 2015


Moving – image via

Moving can be stressful. It can be even more stressful when there are children involved. From preparing the family for the move, to the packing itself, you may have quite a daunting task on your hands. It is not uncommon for children to exhibit a range of emotions from sadness to anger, and even anxiety when it comes to moving to a new area. Yet moving is often a fact of life. 

Here is how you can help to make the transition as painless as possible–both for yourself–and your entire family:

Prepare Your Family

Discuss the move as soon as you have a chance to do so with your children. Explain why the move is necessary and answer any questions that they may have to the best of your ability. When possible, take them to the new home and show them around. Show them where their bedrooms will be, or if possible, allow them to pick out their own space. Envision with them how they will fill their new room. Ask your child or children to create a list of things that will help them transition better, and be sure to follow through on their requests, within reason. The point is to try to make the move fun and exciting instead of a frightening experience.

Consider Young Children

If you happen to be moving with toddlers or children under five years of age, keep your explanations clear cut and simple. Get out toy trucks and furniture (if your child has these types of toys) and act out how the move will transpire. Also assure your child when you are packing their things that you are not disposing of their property, but packing it away to make sure it is safe for the travel to the new home. Try not to require your young child to embrace any other big changes, such as potty training, during the transition period, otherwise they could become overwhelmed. Lastly, when it comes to moving day, try to arrange a sitter for your young child so that they are not amid the chaos that tends to come with moving day and that they are not under-foot during the move.

Make a Checklist

The weeks leading up to moving day can be crucial for your family as you pack up your belongings and prepare for your move. The pros over at Mayflower moving company say to begin decluttering your home about eight weeks prior to the move, if possible. Start by getting rid of unwanted or unused items. You can hold a garage sale or simply donate those items. The more that you clear out, the less you will have to pack.

When packing, it is helpful to color coordinate your belongings by room. What this means is you can buy different color packing tape or various colored markers and assign a specific color to each room. For example, mark all boxes holding kitchen items with a green marker, and all living room items can be marked with a blue marker or blue tape. Organizing in this manner can help immensely in the long run, especially if you intend to hire a professional moving company.

Say Goodbye

Give your kids and family a chance for closure by throwing a goodbye party. At this party, you can have all your guests sign a book and include their mailing address and phone number so that you can stay in touch. It’s also really easy to print out postcards with your family’s new address and phone number to give out at the party. This will be a good time to reminisce about life at the old home and set positive intentions for the new home as well.

Moving might seem stressful or overwhelming for your family, especially if you have children. Young children may especially be confused as to why they must leave behind friends and their old home. Furthermore, packing and organizing, and then unpacking and settling in can sometimes be chaotic. However, parents can make the transition a lot less painful, and even make the experience fun and exciting by following these helpful tips.


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home comfort zone

Should You Consider a Kit Home as an Option?

By on September 22, 2014

Kit home prices are definitely much lower than houses planned and constructed from scratch. Nevertheless, the cost isn’t the only reason for you to opt for buying a prefabricated house over a stick-built one. You now have a variety of brands, designs, and kit inclusions to choose from for prefabricated houses these days, so the appearance and quality aren’t weaknesses for them anymore. Of course, you’ll always save more time if you choose from kit homes, instead of doing the whole house planning and construction, even if you’ve got a team of professionals with you.

Not Your Ordinary Kit Homes

Homes that are prefabricated, while more inexpensive than stick-built houses, don’t mean structures that look cheap. It also isn’t true that you’ll get a house that’s poorly conditioned against environmental factors like heat, rain, etc. Many manufacturers of kit homes today produce plans and materials that are of exceptional quality.

First of all, transportation usually gives additional risk factors for construction materials. Since the materials of these products have to be transported, manufacturers of top-quality kit homes make sure that everything included in every kit they sell are engineered perfectly. These manufacturing companies usually hire laborers that specialize in whichever housing material they’re assigned to do. In most construction teams for stick-built types, they usually engage all-around workers.

In addition, your home should give you shelter under any kind of weather condition or other outside factors. This is why houses have to have insulation, pest control treatments, and other important procedures. On this note, you’ll be glad to know that cheap kit homes come with insulation batting that’s right for the type, size, and design that you choose. They also usually have tempered doors, termite-treated flooring, and many other conditioned supplies.

Kit homes also give you the advantages of convenience and speed. As mentioned earlier, each package comes complete with materials that are already processed for installation. You also don’t need to think much about whether each aspect of your house follows the building codes in your area, because the manufacturer must already make sure that the whole kit home, when built, would be according to all whatever building code needs to be followed. This type of house can be ready to move in to approximately 12 weeks from the time that you order it.

Kit home prices are much lower than those of stick-built costs, mainly because these prefabricated structures have materials done in a manner that saves costs in labor and tools. Materials are also purchased in bulk, so all the more reason for manufacturers to be able to cut down their prices.

Definitely, there’s more to kit homes than money savings. They can also give you less worry about the quality of materials and construction and more time to enjoy having a new home.

kit home


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Munich and Me

By on August 18, 2014


munich steps
Karlsplatz, Munich

Too many cities to see, so little time. This has been a sentiment I heard too often, not just from myself but from most of my friends.

Grateful though that this year proved to be one with a lot of adventures, even if for just the nearer cities as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Venice (the last two for the second time)! Each of these cities are charming, distinct and a joy to explore. Venice is without a doubt my favorite…despite the fact that my legs would be aching at the end of the day, I would love to go back over and over. Munich comes closely when talking about pleasure walks and there are a handful reasons why.

Clean streets, luscious and green open parks, great architecture, and a sense of peace and friendliness all-around would be my overall impression. It’s certainly a city I would love to go back to, walk around, discover, and photograph.

this friendly city

So here are some of what I recommend to do and see while wandering about Munich.

1. Hofgarten – Munich’s oldest park, it is an Italian style Renaissance garden that dates back to the 16th century.

2. Marienplatz – The city’s main square where both the New City hall and Old City hall are located…a rather crowded zone, the Karlsplatz, with a lot of shopping boutiques and restaurants could be intimidating with its huge crowd.

3. Königsplatz – The King’s square, if you love Greek architecture as I do, this square is a must! Built in the style of European Neo-Classicism, the square houses three grand buildings: the “Ionic” Glyptothek, the “Doric” Propylaea and The “Corinthian” State Museum of Classical Art.  

Hofgarten dome
Pavilion at the Hofgarten

4. English Garden – One of the largest parks, not just in Munich or Europe but the world. It’s so big, make sure you are up for walking, it gets a bit tiring especially since there are no way you can go back to the entrance but to walk again. (I’m not entirely sure though as I might have not seen a station nearby, but, check out this information on Munich’s public transportation).

5. Nymphenburg Palace – A Baroque palace with gardens that are a pleasure to explore, too. The French garden, for example, features  the “Grand Cascade”, a two-part water staircase installation. There are also a number of pavillions worth seeing for their architectural designs.

6. Olympiapark – The  Olympic Park constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics which functions until today. The park is located at the Oberwiesenfeld, ner the BMW welt and there’s the Olympic tower, a communication tower you can climb to give you a beautiful view not just of the stadium but the whole of Munich as well. (See photo at the bottom of this post).

Monopteros, Nymphenburg Palace Gardens

Worth visiting too are the BMW Welt Museum for the car enthusiasts, Tierpark Hellabrunn (zoo) for the animal lovers, the Allianz Arena for football fans, the Brandhorst museum,  Alte Pinakothek and Pinakothek Moderne for lovers of the art, the Deutsches museum for those who enjoys history, and a handful of churches in all their grand designs for those whoe like gothic, baroque and neo-classical architecture. I would recommend booking your hotel on this website and go explore the very rich culture this Bavarian capital has to offer. Munich also has a lot to offer for a wonderful gastronomic experience, but, I’ll post about that on my food blog. ^_^

olympiapark, munich
Olympiapark stadium seen from the Olympic tower


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