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Autumn Shoot

November 10, 2011

3I had long planned to do a photoshoot with the kids while the leaves are changing colors. I thought I wouldn’t get that chance because the weather was going between 5°-8°C and it’s impossible to go out without thick jackets. On Wednesday, unexpected and unprepared, the sun warmed us up.

We hurriedly went out to the playground to take some shots. I particularly focused on dawty…she donned this beanie that I made last year and it apparently is too small now…that’s why we’re giving it away. Click here for more details.

She’s always had this smile and look even as a kid…don’t wonder why she doesn’t show her teeth…she doesn’t know Gwyneth yet but that’s the look she’s going with. (lol)




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  1. Ang ganda ng kuha! I love looking at all your kids in photos. Gosh, nakakainggit kaya ang may more than one kiddos! I hope to have a twins talaga! LOL. The Ate looks so responsible ha. I don’t know but it is exactly the number one adjective that I can think of as my first impression. 🙂

    Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

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