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January 22, 2010

This year is little boy’s first attempt on ice skating. He was very eager after seeing the other two put on their skating shoes. As expected, the first time is never too easy. He fell down a lot of times, on his butt, sideways, and all the possible ways he could fall. Er gibt aber nicht auf. What determination…he stood up as many times as he fell.

After learning to stand up and walk with the skates on, he was able to skate little by little. Still, he would fall down when he can’t get his balance.

So the second time we went skating we borrowed the helpful penguin. It’s supposed to support the kid and help him skate by pushing. Good enough, the little boy balanced himself after a few minutes of pusing.

Happy Weekend!

  1. Great shots of your adorable son learning to ice skate. I remember when my daughter was growing up and ice skating birthday parties were popular. There were several times with the little ones where the adults had one child holding each hand. I almost got pulled down a bunch of times by small children pulling me in different directions. Ah memories. Happy weekend.

  2. Love it. Brings back memories of when my children were little.

    That helpful penguin is perfect to help with their balance. Around here we just use traffic pilons.

  3. That little penguin is great. Do they have one in an extra large? LOL. I always enjoy getting around and seeing the different views of this weeks theme. Yours is cool!
    Drop by and check mine here.

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