…new digital cameras; models and accesories are sprouting like mushrooms left and right.  I’m glad that hubby share the same passion with me when it comes to photography although he leans more on the side of videography. Also, he needs photos for his designs that’s why he does shoots whereas mine is purely out of hobby. We have been jumping from Canon to Sony to Nikon to Olympus and  to Canon again depending on what we need to photograph.

I was surprised when he came home one time with an EOS 7D. He said that since I like taking action shots, this would be best to use with 8 frames a second. True, I love the features of the 7D only it’s bulky and heavier than the 400d which now appears to be a toy when I look at it (lol). I still have a lot to  learn about the 7D but I’m willing to do that slowly to better my skills.

Hubby bought this nikon camera shortly before our summer vacation. He said he wanted to dive somewhere and take clips from underwater. He did what he planned and I’d say this one is a thoughie! Anyway, I’d be interested to know which camera you use and what do you think about it? Thanks for the input!