My Peach Dress

flower girl peach dress
hair not yet done


I was one of the flower girls during Ate Jenny and Kuya Allan’s wedding. The color they picked was peach and mom had a hard time looking for a dress so what she did was…make a dress for me! She hasn’t done making a dress before except for her Barbies when she learned how to sew. That was what my aunt (mom’s sister) said. I really like the design she made for me though there were a lot of times that I have to try the skirt…yes, there were two pieces, a top and a skirt so that it would be easier to put on. What do you think of my dress? Mom said it’s not perfectly done, but I guess it’s ok since it’s her first time. 🙂

Mom wasn’t able to do my hair before taking this photo but she made a bun, more like a doughnut from my long hair. It was nice and made me move easier.

Below is a photo of my bestfriend and I, we were both flowergirls. We really enjoyed that day, after the wedding we went to eat and dance and play.

flower girls
with my bestfriend
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  1. Angel

    September 17, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Your mom is very talented! That dress [or two piece dress] really looked like it was bought that way. I would of never suspected it was hand crafted! Your mom better start making more clothes … who knows she might get her creations discovered by big brands someday. 🙂 You look great! Next time tell your mom not forget the pics for your hair too! 😀

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