One Man Band Postcard


Today I received a lovely postcard featuring one of the musicians in Pixar’s short film One Man Band. We love Pixar films and mom makes sure we know the short films too. This film is almost 5-minutes, it is about a girl in an Italian plaza who wanted to wish on a fountain with her big gold coin. Mom said her name is Tippy, I don’t know why she knows but it wasn’t said in the film. There were two street musicians who wanted the gold coin so they were playing instruments and waiting for Tippy to give one of them the coin, like I would do when we watch street performers in front of the St. Stephen’s church and Vienna’s plaza.

Tippy accidentally dropped the coin because the music was so much for her and it rolled on the street and went down a drain. She was angry about it so she held out her hand for the two musicians to pay her. They have no coins to give so Tippy asked for a small violin from one of the musicians. She tuned the violin and played it really well and then someone passed by and gave her a bag of coins. She was so happy about it and tricked the two musicians that she’d give them some too but she actually tossed two coins to the fountain.

Here is a clip mom found, it’s not so clear but you can still see it.

The postcard was sent from Taiwan. I’d like to thank Mo Yang for the postcard. ^_^ By the way, yes, I know Taiwan and have been to the airport many times, when we’re going home to the Philippines. Unfortunately just the airport, teehee. Here are some of the photos we took there.


taiwan airporttaiwan airport parasols

That’s a carabao, mom said and that’s the first time I saw one, not a real one.  That’s me sitting while waiting to board and those are really colorful parasols at the ceiling.

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  1. Gene

    March 15, 2012 at 6:19 pm

    Lagi ko nalilimutan i-download yan. I saw it playing in an appliance center here. And wow, look at Taiwan’s airport, so nice!

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