Sitting Around

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I can’t believe so many people sit around and watch TV all day! We’ve got Satellite TV Hana at home but my goodness, we live in Hawaii, why in the world do the kids want to be inside watching TV when they could be OUTSIDE enjoying the best that nature has to offer? Its’ a tiny town we live in and there’s not much to do other than enjoy nature but the nature itself could keep you busy for an entire lifetime.

I can’t believe my wife allows the kids to watch so many hours of TV when they get home from school – they know when I walk in the door they better get outside and get to playing immediately! I just didn’t grow up that way which is why my family is all thin and healthy. There’s no substitute for hours spent outside running around with your brothers and sisters and that’s what I want to encourage here in my home, you know? IT’s my job as a father to do so.

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