By the poster at the Akademie Teather

Summer and months before and actually until now, I’ve been busy rehearsing and then performing for a play titled “Wastwater” at the Akademietheatre. I portray an adopted child who doesn’t understand the language of the person who adopted me so I don’t have to speak at all.

wastwater cast list
cast list – me as Dalisay Bituin

My part is at the end of the play which runs almost two hours. The whole time, I would wait with mom (sometimes with my brothers) at the dressing room until I’m called for. When there’s school days, I bring my homeworks and school materials and study, on other days I bring a gadget – either a psp or a DS and sometimes just a book.

I am not allowed to see the other parts of the play as it’s a bit violent, they say…so I have no idea how the first part goes.

my dress for the play

I wear this dress everytime, provided by the theatre along with shoes. In the play, I had to pretend that I fall off while walking. 😀 Then I will just stand there, my supposed to be adoptive father would ask me something and I would walk backward in fear. I unfortunately do not have photos from the stage because taking photos while the play is in progress is prohibited. Dad came to see it with my homeroom teacher once and he did take a photo with his iPhone – very blurred! lol.

 I had fun being part of this play.Given the chance, I’ll do it again.

dressed, waiting for call
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