What to do when in the Train


We often travel by train and whether 1 hour or 5 hours – it’s ok, there’s always so much to do. It’s much different when in the plane so here’s some tips I have for you.

1. Wait for the train conductor to come by and check for tickets. Since kids are free most of the time, we wait when he gives us our tickets and some tiny books with it.

2. Play DS or PSP. Mom and Dad allow us to play when we’re on board. Especially my brother (1) because he can’t just sit  behavely.

3. Read a book. Mom always has a book in her bag and she would always remind us to bring ours too.

4. Look at the field outside and how the clouds change. Mom would go as far as taking photos, her drive by photos of anything outside. She loves doing that.

5. Sleep. I know you’re not doing anything and yet you’re doing something, making your body get some rest. Be sure though that your bag will not be taken away.  🙁


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  1. Algene

    November 26, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Thanks for this tips! But I don’t get to ride train that much. LOL. Reading is the best thing to do! 🙂

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