Getting fit is not limited by age. As busy moms, we have to make sure that we set aside some time for exercise. And what better way to make exercising fun than by getting the kids into the fitness activity too. You do not have to be too serious and strict with your exercise routines. What is important is that you get your heart pumping at the right speed to give it a good workout. Let your kidsโ€™ energy infect you with the stamina that you need for about an hourโ€™s worth of fun and exercise several times in a week.

Ideally, fun and exercise for moms and kids should be done every day. This could be as simple as taking the dog out for walk and perhaps playing fetch in the park. Or, you can have an exercise routine that you and your kid can go through together. It does not have to be complicated. You can go with the exercises that your kid is familiar with like jumping jacks and toe touches. Stretch your limbs to warm up your muscles and get ready for your routine. You can slowly pick up the pace and do your more active exercises. Jumping rope can be a part of your workout โ€“ have fun racing with your kid and seeing who can do 100 jumps faster. You can also do hula hoops. There are actually hoops that are weighted to give you added resistance as you spin it around your waist. Youโ€™ll be sure to whittle down your waist line when you do this exercise every day.

Getting fit and exercising with your kid is a great inexpensive way to bond with your child. It also conveys a strong message to your child about the value that you put in maintaining good health and having clean fun.