Summer…the perfect time to go camping with friends and sightseeing. Perhaps go on a bike tour too up the mountains. That’s just something I missed joining in as my friends had a bike-tour overnight camping last week. (I borrowed this photo from one of the attendees.)

During the weeks prior to the tour they were searching for camping knives, tents, charcoal, portable lamps and pocket flashlights…I know because the discussion were open at the Facebook page. I suggested for them to try Perfect Blade, the one stop shop for a pocket knife, a fixed blade knife, a hunting knife, a bowie knife, a camping knife, a throwing knife or a survival knife, basically all kinds of knife. They have most of the other things but not the knives…

The Perfect Blade sells knives by manufacturers including United Cutlery, Ontario Knife Company and Ka-Bar Knives among others and we sell pocket knives, fixed blade knives, military and law enforcement knives, machetes, collectible knives and Bowie knives too.

Use the convenient online ordering system to make an online purchase and your order is sure to come in time. Having your camping needs and knives will prove beneficial for you.