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Cash-in On the Eco-friendly Disposal of Old Mobile Phones

March 7, 2013


Getting an upgrade for one’s mobile phone can be quite hard to resist with all the hype given to the latest phone models. People who have ready cash can easily get their upgrades in a whim while others have to save-up for it. Regardless of their circumstances, people who go for frequent upgrades can get rewarded by disposing their old mobiles responsibly through Top Dollar Mobile. Don’t be so quick in throwing away your old mobile phones because this recycling company can give you top dollars for it. This way you get to help the environment by disposing your phones properly and get rewarded with cash through the sale of your phone.


Selling an old mobile phone is not a new concept. One can easily find second hand units sold in online selling sites like eBay and Amazon. The advantage of going to Top Dollar Mobile is you get to deal with a reputable company that operates globally. This means you don’t have to screen your buyers to make sure that they are legit and you also get to minimize the risk of being inconvenienced for botched up transactions. Owners of unpopular mobile models who often find it difficult to find buyers can check their model against Top Dollar’s extensive list and get fair value for their phones. This company is also known for providing some of the most competitive rates for recycled phones. Another advantage is the ease and convenience in selling your phone. Their online site will provide you with a three-step instruction on how to send your mobile unit and claim your payment.

The mechanics of selling an old mobile phone through Top Dollar Mobile is simple and convenient. This provides new mobile phone owners with a great option to dispose of their old units while protecting the environment and earning some cold hard cash in the process.


  1. Thank you very much for this information. I have seen on tv where you can go to some malls and they have machines that scan your phone and then take it and give you money….would love to see them here….but sounds like Top Dollar Mobile may be the way to go until that happens.

  2. When we were cleaning out one of our older packed boxes we came across our cell phone from the 1990’s, complete with charger, etc. Somehow I don’t think that they would take that one. Kind of really outdated tech.

    I wonder if they take damaged phones. My daughter broke the hinge on her one flip phone and the other one she can hear you, but no one can hear on it. I would love to recoop some money from having to purchase the replacements.

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