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Whoever said, “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy me a book, and that’s kind of the same thing” couldn’t have said it better. I guess this quote proves the saying “Money can’t buy happiness” wrong. After all, you do need money to buy books, and if you’re a certified booklover, then nothing can make you happier than a new book.

Booklovers the world over would agree with me when I say that nothing beats the smell of a new book. Something about the scent lifted with each turn of a page that’s quite magical; it’s hard to explain, but booklovers would know what I’m talking about.

caught reading
just about cozy…

Hence, if you want to put a genuine smile on a person’s face especially one whom you know has an affinity for books, then, by all means, gift him or her with a book.

There are many reasons why books make great gifts, and here’s some.

  • A book makes you productive during the most unproductive time. Does it sound confusing? Well, just think; you follow a stringent schedule every day, and sometimes, it includes waiting for something to happen (e.g. waiting in line at the bank, waiting for your doctor’s appointment, waiting for traffic to move (granted you’re not the one driving), waiting for you next class, etc.). Hence, rather than sit around watching people pass or simply wasting your time away, you could read something from a good book, enjoy, and learn something new.
  • Reading = learning. No matter what genre of book you read, you’re bound to learn things. In fact, I know some people who admit that being voracious readers from their youth onwards inspired them to write, and let me tell you this; these people are darn great writers! Reading can enrich your vocabulary, introduce you to different writing styles, teach you proper composition of sentences, and improve your grammar. Nevertheless, more than these things, the greatest learning you get from books is when you apply the things you read in life. When you make mistakes, you can do as a writer does – revise – and write a whole new chapter.
  • Each of us goes through a certain phase when we just want to be by ourselves. You find yourself embroiled in a situation where even meeting friends becomes unbearable, so you decide to be by your lonesome. At times like these, a book may turn out to be that one great companion you need. It will never talk back to you, but you could definitely find solace between the pages. Before you know it, you’ll be back to your usual self.
  • Books are great for self-reflection. A gripping novel could make you look at yourself and ask, “Am I living my life this way?” You’d be surprised at how you could relate with the characters in a book you’re reading, and more often than not, seeing yourself through a different perspective helps you do some serious self-examination and lets you make necessary changes to your thoughts, ideas, and attitude.
  • Reading books make you look smart. This may seem too shallow, but it’s true. Surely, you want your friends or loved ones to look smart, too. That’s why it’s great to give them books as gifts.
  • A book can help uplift the spirits of crushed ones. It can help us see through the beauty amidst life’s hardships.
  • Books can be a source of inspiration.

These are just some reasons why books are great and why giving these as gifts is always a nice gesture. If you want to make someone truly happy, go buy him a book, and put a smile not just on his face but yours as well.

Leaf through the pages. ^_^

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We love books!

By on August 12, 2010

Books…I’d spend more for books than I would for shoes and dresses…(Gizelle Khan-yes, my quote)

(Oh in case, you’re wondering I’m back from vacation and I miss joining Mommy Moments and all the wonderful themes. So I’m starting again and hopefully next week I’ll have an entry for all missed themes.)

As far as I remember, I’ve enjoyed reading as soon as I learned how. Needless to say, I’d read everything that I can, where I am. From the Bible to Science books, Encyclopedias to  magazines, from comic strips to newspaper articles, recipe books to pocketbooks to language books…I’m really glad that the kids share that passion with me. So let me show “some” books from our place…a little bit more and we’d be certified bookworms! 😀


The district Library which my daughter and I often visit.


My daughter reading some books at the Library. She’s into german short stories and science stuff.


Some books I ordered from Amazon.



Treasures I stumbled upon a school bazaar. (All the more exciting for paying 5 euros -10 books!)



Older boy’s shelf of reading and coloring books, memory games, cds, atlas and more. He enjoys math and brain teaser books and and any books in english.

read (1)

Little boy looking through the pages of an English-German Dictionary. He was the only one who I got to practice reading to while still in my womb. He knows the value of books that not once had he torn a page even when still a baby.


Most importantly, learning the bible with the help of Bible-based books which makes it easier for them to understand.

Join us!

mommy moments

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bookworm | Pixel bug weekend


By on April 12, 2010


Being a bookworm, I am happy seeing my daughter develop that same interest. Last Friday, I went with their class to the district library which the teacher has arranged. They visit regularly, every 2 weeks at most, borrowing books and  also returning the previous ones they’ve read and reviewed a bit in school.

The library was not as big as the libraries I frequent back in PI. This is after all, just a district Bücherei, enough to hold books for the small population and those few heads who are interested enough.


The library has a small corner where kids could lie down and read a book of their choice…lively colors no? This is located in the children’s section and really all kinds of  books that tickles a child’s imagination are here. It’s amazing seeing these kids get lost in their own world through a book. I also noticed that the chairs seem to cater more to the little ones!


The last time the class went, my daughter brought home a book by Risa Wataya, Keritai Senaka (“The Back You Want to Kick”) which in German has a funny title to it. 😀 – This could be because of her interest in Japanese art and language. The book was a bit much for an 8 year-old since it tackles romantic relationships between teenagers. So this time, she asked me a lot of times if the book she got is ok for an 8 year-old. She was being cautious since they need to write a summary of the book later on. She then got 3 books of fables, saying they were easier to understand and write a review of. 😀 (Lol, mana talaga sa mommy pag tinamad!)



Visiting often, the kids know the routine of borrowing and returning books well. They are very familiar with the Librarian, Markus as well. In photos you see, the little girl browsing  a book she got from the shelf,  reading a bit then going to the counter for stamping and that…finally, chitchatting with friends (lol!).


Lastly, a very personal touch included in this trip is the Librarian reading a story to the children. It’s about the lion and the hare, on  lesson about listening.

I also registered for membership (18€ for a year) and borrowed Rembrandt’s childhood sketches and Gail Tsukiyama’s Die Straße der tausend Blüten (The Street of a Thousand Blossoms). I also wanted to borrow Berta von Suttner’s Nobel Prize winning work Die Waffen Nieder (Lay down your arms) but it was unfortunately still on  loan. No worries, there’s a next time and I can”t guarantee that I can finish the book soon since I still have another book (Emma, Jane Austen) that I’ve began reading…

Here’s to us bookworms!

—Enjoy the week!—


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Bazaars, gotta love 'em

By on January 4, 2010

bazaar books
Books are perhaps the best reason to visit a Bazaar once or twice a year. I got 10 for 5euros which would have cost seven times more when I buy them from a bookstore or when ordered online. Here are 7 of them, 2 reader digests hardbound with three books in each (Grisham and others in German), Dickens’ Oliver Twist, Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Jenkin’s A House in Flanders and a book each for the 3 kids(not in photo).

Old is gold or One man’s trash is another man’s treasure holds true in this market. There are unlimited books available, one just needs the patience to search, turning each from the heap like looking for the proverbial needle. It was all worth the picking, flipping and browsing anyway since you get to go home with books that are most of the time still looking new! (You just really need to dig that pile 😉 lol).

IMG_0687A few days after, I decided to buy some more books from Amazon. I actually planned to buy Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). I was curious about this famous character as the inspiration of the Manga and Anime,  Metantei Conan (Detective Conan).  I was at that time unaware of the movie :D. So this is the first book on my list, that I’d be able to watch the movie afterwards. (I find it more appealing to read the book first of all book-based movies). I included 2 Jane Austen’s and a Bronte’s along with it. Since Amazon delivers free at times, I get to avail that and paid about 25 for this lot. Well, the Bazaar books are still cheaper but it’s fine…for the book lover in me anyway.

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Books – PhotoHunt

By on May 30, 2009

german english dictionary

Some months ago, the theme for the City Daily photoblogs was “Books.” I shared the kids’ books there because our collection (hubby’s and mine) are not here. 😀 Today, let me show you my little boy (3 yrs old) who loves browsing the dictionary. lol. Everytime I do my homeworks, he would be beside me shifting pages after pages while saying ‘hausaufgabe‘ (homework) and would point on some words as if trying to read them. He is also fond of other picture books and tries to identify the colors and what is pictured there (mostly animals and insects). It is still some more years before he could read but I am glad that he has a fondness for books as I do.


Thumbs up by the way to Johannes Gutenberg for inventing the first  printing press! We now have books to read…. 😀


Libro, is the Spanish word for book and has also been more often used in the Philippines rather than the tagalog word ‘aklat‘. Here in Vienna, Libro is one of the biggest school, office supplies and bookstore. My daughter loves visiting Libro and I am biased too because her first magazine appearance was with them.


Happy weekend!

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