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How to Find Contentment In Your Daily Life

By on October 17, 2012


Imagine yourself stuck on a deserted island, alone, with nothing to eat or drink. Sure, your instinct would be to find ways to survive. You’d probably build yourself a makeshift shelter, and feed on whatever vegetation is at your disposal. But more than surviving, you want to live and be happy. You then do a Tom Hanks and make a friend out of a volleyball…

Whether on a deserted island or in the city, everybody wants to live a happy and contented life. We all yearn for days and nights of worry-free bliss.

But even if you find yourself with countless blessings to supposedly be thankful for, why do you still hanker for more? You’ve got a stable job which pays the bills, but why do you find yourself still looking for job listings on http://www.eurostaffgroup.com?

wasserpark, contentment
placid as a lake

It’s probably human nature to always want more. The “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” mentality seems to be helplessly ingrained in us.

We instinctively think that by amassing more of anything- wealth, possessions, etc- we will end up happier. But the thing is, the key to real happiness and contentment is in eliminating the things we don’t need. It lies in simplifying our lives.

Things inevitably become too complicated when we have too many things on our plate. We end up feeling overwhelmed and helpless. When we get rid of the excess, we cut down on the things we have to worry about. Then, we become more content with what we already have.

This “life detox” encompasses many aspects. Starting with the physical, we try to eliminate what we don’t need. Sell that second car if you don’t really need it.

On the emotional level, do a detox by getting rid of “friends” who do nothing but put you down. Slowly sever ties with those who constantly send off negative vibes. Don’t take that second job if it’ll only make you more stressed out.

Contentment and happiness do not have to forever be an unattainable dream for us. By simplifying our lives, we’ll be able to view things with a more open mind, and then realize that the reasons to be happy have been there all along.


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By on October 16, 2012

Girl with the butterfly tattoo...

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. – Jesus (Matthew 26:41)

For as much as I’d like to be productive, it’s just utterly impossible. Handicapped – that’s how I feel…my right hand fingers felt numb and a bit tingly when I woke up last Sunday. I just passed it off as having perhaps slept uncomfortably (neck hurts too) and manifested the pain through my fingers…probably pinched nerves or so. Come Monday, I went to the doctor and had it looked up. I was given pain relievers just in case, had most of the hand (pinky aside) bandaged and I went home…and you think I’m just gonna sit back and relax? No, rather, I took that as a challenge and been typing (tweeting too) with just the left hand. I’ve gotten good with it too! haha!

I may have overused the cliche the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst the past month but it just holds so true of my situation…so forgive me. I just try to be positive alright but I actually feel the difficulty.

Though this is a physical thing, it just would not go by without me feeling helpless.

How do I go about doing the house chores, cooking and all. Ah well, thanks to the house helper! Ah yes, this post is about that. lol. And I look forward to Friday with positivity…literally, the bandage will be removed, so it’s all good! 😉

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Working in the Translation Services Industry

By on February 24, 2012

german english dictionary

*Making this post resurface including improvements about my hope to work in the translation services industry.  😉
When I started this blog, I saw to it that I write articles that are long enough to be categorized as a worthy read.
As days, months passed by I ran out of ideas, I relied on my photos to take space on my blog, literally putting into use the cliche ‘a picture paints a thousand words.’
I blame three things not only for the lack of creative juices but english posts as well. One, I am speaking two other languages that English has to take a back seat. I see to it that my kids speak Tagalog and I practice German outside the house. Oh how I wish to work as a translator someday…
Second, I do not have the time to write lengthy posts as I allot myself about two hours of blogging only. Priority goes over to my City daily Photoblog, Vienna Daily.
Lastly, I haven’t been reading books much. Honestly, even my bible’s pages are getting (un-)crumpled for sitting in the bookshelf sometime now. My imagination has really dried up and my writing ‘rusty’.


I guess I need to be like the little boy above. He would take the dictionary, browse it as if he can read. I need to read, take note of the words used, how they are used and get that into writing. I seriously need to make use of the two hours blogging and write about anything under the sun. This is my new resolve, let’s see what happens 😉


By the way, Sprechen Sie Spansich?


You know I use altavista’s babelfish translation when I need to check on words I don’t clearly understand. Months ago I noticed this error and was disappointed to still see it there today.


spansich altavista mistake

Hope they find this post and update it lol! 😉

Ten years. That’s how long I’ve been in Vienna and how long I’ve been trying to master German. Unfortunately, German has far different structuring than English and Tagalog (Filipino). Even noun genders are identified differently from how I was used to knowing them in English and Spanish. I’ve mentioned a lot of times how I wanted to work as a translator and so far I’ve finished some jobs that I wasn’t too proud of because for the first one, I needed help doing it. First experience on the job, they say, and it’s somehow bound to have imperfection. That’s that or just me justifying it. The second job was way better but it didn’t go as expected and my self-esteem is still too hurt I don’t want to talk about it. *sniff* The following jobs were smaller but I did better I think…

Anyway, looking back to 4 years ago (above post was published in November 2008) I’m proud that my hope to become a translator has finally begun. After finishing my courses, that’s in German, Spanish and translation studies I plan to further my Japanese knowledge. Also, I need to work on more translation jobs albeit small and build up my resume. Perhaps and hopefully it won’t take me another 3 or 4 years to update this post. 🙂

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Certified Doglovers

By on October 3, 2011

(My youngest son with a friend’s dog.)

I grew up having a dog at home…mostly gifts from Dad’s or Mom’s friends which I would take care of as much as I could. (I was a normal student and kid back in those days hehe). I’d feed them, give them a bath and play around with them when I can. I still remember most of the dogs I had and my favorite would always be a bulldog I named Caster.

I’m not surprised that my kids have taken the same liking to dogs as I did. They know  a dog breed just by looking  which amazed most of the owners of those they identify. Like the one below…while on our way home my daughter bursted out “Mom, it’s an Akita Inu!” The owner smiled and asked us if we were Japanese. 😀 I explained to him that my kids like learning about dogs and that they knew them from pictures and films. Since then he would let us stroke and play a bit with C (his dog) everytime we chance upon them by the playground. He even let me took a photo of C one  snowy day.

(An akita inu around our neighborhood that we often say hello to.)

Given the chance I’d get us a dog to take care of…it would be nice to have one that would grow old with us as the kids do. Their loyalty has long been tested, remember Hachiko?  I know  too that the kids would learn a lot about discipline having a dog around. Plus, walking dogs is a nice exercise for hubby and I. Living in an apartment is not an appropriate setup for a dog and 3 kids so might as well wait until we get a bigger place…for the meantime, we would just play with friends’ dogs and our kois at home.

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Water attraction

By on April 23, 2011

Water attracts kids and they are the happiest being near or being in it. The lake, garden fountains,wall fountains- http://www.wallfountainshowcase.com/, water installations, table top  water fountains and even aquariums make them stare and they giggle when thry get wet with splashed water. Well, it’s how things are with my kids.


I can attest that other kids are like that too. For example, when I accompanied my son’s class to the Schönbrunn Zoo we passed by a fountain (left photo) at the garden…one of the kids asked for her photo to be taken where the fountain would be at the background. (Can’t post photo of her as I don’t want the parents to question me.)

We visited the sea lions and during the feeding time too. Aside from feeding them, the trainers would throw fishes for the sea lions to follow, water would splash but the kids wouldn’t mind getting wet, they were deliberately making themselves wet.

I bet they had great fun but I’m not sure if the parents didn’t get angry when they got colds and a runny nose.

Sometime last year I went with my daughter’s  class to the ZOOM Kindermuseum which presents the element water. The museum aims to let children know the importance of water in our lives…there were a lot of installation showcased for the kids to understand how water works.


Above, you can see how attentive the kids were during a water experiment. There were aquariums in the museum too and the kids were fascinated with those, especially to aquariums that doesn’t contain fish but other interesting materials. There were also water pumps much to the kids’ delights.

(Little boy was too busy looking at the water flowing basin that he doesn’t want to turn around for a photo.)

Kids are happy around water and I’m glad the city government installed a water playground across our place. My kids would surely have fun come summer.

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