Making Independent Living Possible for the Elderly

By on March 14, 2013


Up (2009) is definitely one of the movies that I love watching again and again. The superb animation and sound track aside, the love story shared by Ellie and Carl would bring to tears even the most cold-hearted man on the planet. It also shows how an elderly can go on – live by himself and be independent in so many ways. Most of all, it’s a good way to show kids elderly respect because caring for the elderly and making sure that they enjoy quality of life through their sunset years is the least that the younger generation can do.  This is the best way for children and grandchildren to show their appreciation for all the hard work these elderly spent their youth on.  In this technologically advanced age, there are a lot of inventions for the elderly that make it easier for them to cope with the physical effects of aging.  Whether they stay with their loved ones or in retirement or nursing homes, these inventions can easily be fitted to normal home furniture to help them manage everyday tasks.

elder chair
Mr. Fredricksen on an electric moving chair 🙂

Getting up from a lying or a sitting position is one of the tasks that commonly prove to be difficult for the elderly.  There are aids that can be fitted onto the seats or beds of the elderly to help them perform this task.  A getting-up assistant could be attached to the bed frame or underneath the mattress to provide a stable handle for the elderly so that they can easily pull themselves up from bed.  There is also a specially designed ejection seat that can help them up from their seats.  This ejection seat is portable and can be carried for use in any stable seating surface.

Walking frames, stairlifts, and ramp systems are some of the mobility systems that can be used by the elderly in moving around at home or outside.  There are scooters and mobility vehicles too that allow them to travel even without the assistance of their younger loved ones.  In some states, having ramps and access facilities for the elderly is required by law.  It is, however, necessary to secure the necessary physician’s clearance before the elderly should be allowed to move about on their own.  Some of them might have medical conditions that could predispose them to accidents and further injuries when left to manage on their own.

Independent living is still possible even for the elderly and it’s a great cause that researchers are helping improve their lives with technology.  It is often this lack of independence that causes frustration and depression in the elderly.  Helpful devices are just part of the making life easier for the elderly.  The more important part of caring for them at this stage in their lives is for the people around them to show that they are truly loved and appreciated.  The best way for their family and loved ones to take care of them is to be around to assure them that they are not taken for granted.


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Cheap eyeglasses for real!

By on March 10, 2010

I have been seeing a lot written about Zenni Optical eyeglasses, there were so much buzz about it that even the Examiner.com recommended it to readers in a recent article about contact lenses and prescription glasses. So I took the ride and looked at what it’s all about.

Zenni Optical offers 8$ complete prescription glasses, a steal from the usual fare of 118$. Each frame comes in stylish designs and colors.

Unfortunately or not, my eyes are perfectly ok, so if there are just designer frames for a cooler look, I’d definitely take one.
Though priced lower, these eyeglasses boast of anti-scratch coating feature and full UV protection. Each also comes with quality hard eyeglass case and microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Zenni sees to it that each piece is invidually suited for the wearer, not only with design but the quality of each to assure comfort and satisfaction, they are health items after all! The biggest plus is you get these eyeglasses for a price you won’t regret…It seems too good to be true but is it possible to get a pair of glasses for such a price? It takes week before you can get your glasses from Zenni optical opposed to same day or two days from other local shops. Well, this is because they are manufactured overseas but be assured that the quality is competitive to what the local market has to offer.

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Web designers

By on May 13, 2009
There’s been much debate on this, and I see lots of bloggers changing their layouts optimizing it for search engines. The little home I have is no exception. If you have noticed I have changed layouts more than 3 times this year, I wanted a simple, clean layout that is easy to navigate but the husband, a web designer, doesn’t approve of this.
However, being the busy bee that he is, he can’t sit on this and make a decent one. He did gave me a tip: black background with white fonts is easier to read. His programmer friend seemed to disagree though; “white background, black fonts!” was the strict answer.Aesthetic or Traffic? Well, why not both? *sigh* I noticed that the page loads slower but I’m anyway sticking to this layout for now…unless I see another one that interests me more. Well, there are lots of websites and web designers sites that help noobs like me understand these things. N30 web design’s newly revamp site displays both easy navigation with their clickable tabs and clean but effective layout, no overpowering images or crazy buttons to confuse visitors. Try and see their sample works that are targeted to each business or personal need.

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6 Quirky things about me

By on February 14, 2008

Got this from Ida, but I guess I have posted one basically with the same thought. So here they are again not necessarily in order of being the most quirky.
1. I carry my camera even in public toilets.
2. I don’t like vinegar and the salad that goes with it, if its considered weird. >>> I eat dried fish with coffee and rice. Not separately but in a bowl. lol.

3. I’m having fun messing with my baby’s hairdo (a baby boy).

4. I eat papaya with milk and biscuits, skyflakes in particular.

5. I prefer wearing skirt than jeans even when its -5 degs outside.

6. I can eat raw salmon 24/7…exag but yes I just don’t get enough of them.

Fertig. Now I’m randomly tagging: Doc Gita, Dompy and Luna 😉

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My first ‘tag’ post

By on January 29, 2008

Ok I am a noob about tagging lol. Here goes my first.

This came from Bee.

Link to the person who tagged you. That’s Bee again.

Leave a comment on their blog so that their readers can visit yours. Done.

Post the rules on your blog.

Share the seven (7) most famous or infamous people you have met. Or go with the original 7 weird things about yourself.

Tag 7 random people at the end of your post.

Include links to their blogs.

Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


1. Ok, I am not sure whose famous enough…if internationally or nationally? Back in the Philippines though there’d be literatis then a number of celebrities and some political figures I interviewed for my internship at the Inquirer. I guess I have to go with the weirdest things about me from 2-7.

2. I don’t like vinegar and the salad that goes with it, if its considered weird.

3. I eat dried fish with coffee and rice. Not separately but in a bowl. lol.

4. I eat papaya with milk and biscuits, skyflakes in particular.

5. I prefer wearing skirt than jeans even when its -5 degs outside.

6. I carry my camera even on public toilets.

7. I can eat raw salmon 24/7.

Fertig. Now I’m randomly tagging:








ok. Ja!

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