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By on November 26, 2010

One big eye!

The little boy didn’t get scared of Mike Wazowski (Monsters Inc.) but he surely was schocked to see Sulley. He didn’t get near any other mascots after being scared by Sulley.

Giant Chipmunk!

Chip or Dale? Your guess is as good as mine. 😀 We can’t tell them apart…though the other chipmunk can be seen on this photo too. Can you distinguish one from the other?

That’s Daddy with two of the bigger kids and big Mickey behind… (Disneyland Resort Paris)

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Mommy Moments

So Little!

By on November 18, 2010

This age is far different from when I was little. Back then we use films for photos, we get them printed and mounted on frames or in photo albums. That doesn’t guarantee them from getting moist and eventually the images fade. That is why half of my heart is thankful that now we can store photos and files with a click of the mouse. They can also be printed as photobooks which lasts longer than photos in albums. The other half of me misses manual cameras, dark rooms and printing my own photos there…I am after all, an old-school photographer. So here are some of the photos of my kids I stored and turned into digiscraps…It would be nice to get this printed too, no?

My daughter has a signature smile…that without showing her teeth but just thinning her lips. She still smiles like this and very seldom that she would show her teeth in a photo. Nope, she has no idea yet who Gwyneth Paltrow is. 🙂  (Photos taken when she was 15-months-old, 13-months-old and 3-years-old.)


My second was a very happy baby…most of his photos are like this baby shot always with eyes so chinky.We call him kengkoy (silly) until now. Yet he could be serious too when he wants to as you see in the other photo. (Photos taken when he was 7-months-old and 6-years-old)

This is my youngest. He was so serious when he was a baby as opposed to his older brother. I remember how he wouldn’t budge even if he gets tickled. He wouldn’t even giggle over a funny face.  He gradually changed and himself a kengkoy now. (Photos taken when he was 7-months-old and almost 4.)


3 on 3.


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Mommy Moments

This I give to you: Pamana (Inheritance)

By on September 1, 2010

Back when I was new to blogging, I wrote topics I relate with bible verses. One of the first I wrote is about Inheritance…I am reposting this piece from 3 years ago.

fruits and kids

“Sons are an inheritance from Jehovah. The fruitage of the belly is a reward.” -Psalms 127:3

Having 3 kids at my age now (I was 27 when this was first published), stirs different reactions among friends and people I come across with everyday-on the way to school, to the grocery, in the bus, the tram or the underground.

Friends back home think its cool that they’d grow up not far from my age and we’d be like barkadas. Them growing up with a small age gap is also a good thing, they say. I also often get comments like: “Buti ka pa 3 na anak mo, ako kahit isa wala pa!.”

I have an older neighbor (Austrian) whose age I’m guessing, is around 68-73. She has a cane to help balance her walking and everytime she sees me with Daniel (youngest, 18months), she suddenly becomes energetic as though nothing is wrong with her feet. She would talk to Daniel,who does not respond even with a smile, I guess he hasn’t grasped much of the language yet (German). Still, the old woman would talk to him as though he understands.

From one of her stories she told me, she was able to conceive but miscarried all…she was almost crying when she said: “Why is it sometimes, those who wanted to have babies didn’t get them, while those who does not want them, gets them?” For her, and my friends, I am blessed to have 3 kids even at a young age.

Others have the opposite reaction though, especially those pinoys here who would see me with all three wandering about. To them, it’s being irresponsible since I got no one else to help me but my husband in taking care of the kids.

They would comment: “Ang hirap naman nyan, 3 bata.”

True, taking care of 3 kids could be difficult, if one sees it as a burden…But when one sees it as an inheritance  from God, there goes all the difference. (fin)


(Younger them)


We don’t own our kids, they are God’s. This is the reason why we must cultivate in them the love that God gave us and let us be reminded that God is telling us “I give to you a priceless inheritance, your kids…teach them well and guide them to me so that they will know who I am.”

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Mommy Moments

Toys and Gadgets

By on August 26, 2010


(Taken 2008, printed for Working Mom Magazine’s monthly contest for the theme: Me and My teacher)

When hubby hasn’t introduced the PSP as a common gadget at home, my kids played with educational toys such as this one; wooden cubes with numbers, letters and pictures of things that the kids would identify. Big sister loves playing teacher to little boy. I’m not against PSP or any other game console, I play once in a while too, particularly that of Nintendo DS  games like Sudoku, mdas for kids and other mind-challenging games. I just like traditional toys because it’s not so  stressful to the eyes. 🙂


(Learning colors in five languages with the help of Lego blocks.)

I strongly believe kids can learn up to five languages, considering that their mind is not as congested as ours (adults). 🙂 I’m seizing the moment to teach them slowly, starting with the basics…e.g. numbers, animals, colors and so on. In this particular photo, it is with the help of their favorite Lego blocks. Sample? Red, pula, rot, rojo, aka….that’s English,  Tagalog, German, Spanish and Japanese….the order of which is our fluency.

(For the theme: Lights, Camera, Pose!)

Up to this day I am still a stagemom though I have not been active in submitting my kids’ photos to contests as much as I used too. I still carry my camera as much as I can and take photos of them…This photo of my daughter is the latest I submitted for a chance to be featured in a billboard. I received a confirmation from the organizers (NIDO) and I was told that this will appear sometime in August 28-29….oh that’s tomorrow at SM North Edsa…the boys’ photos will appear there too!

So in case you want your kid’s photo seen in a billboard, check out this page.


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