Three Ways To Grapple With A Frail Marriage

By on April 29, 2015

If marriage would always be fresh as these bouquets.

At some point in their lives, every couple will experience a substantive relationship challenge. Yet in some marriages, relatively minor problems evolve into molehills that go unresolved for extended periods of time. Once this happens, the marriage can become frail and both partners may grow unhappy with the union. In the event that you find yourself experiencing this difficulty, there are several things you can do to grapple with the frailty of your marriage. Here are three:

1. Attain Professional Counseling Services.

Oftentimes, attaining professional counseling is the most effective way to address and resolve marital issues. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that many couples never acquire the advanced communication skills that are often necessary to facilitate mutual understanding and intimacy. Counselors typically have extensive communication skills and are also effective in teaching couples how to openly and honestly express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns with one another. Once this process is put in motion, couples oftentimes find themselves able to resolve some and even all of their marital issues.

2. Temporarily Separate.

Another strategy you might want to think about implementing in order to grapple with a frail marriage is a temporary situation. Oftentimes, the living situation between a marital couple who are experiencing challenges can become very tense and anxiety-inducing. In these situations, both partners can say things they don’t mean and become subject to bad moods. When you temporarily separate, you have the opportunity to give your partner space and think critically about whether or not it would be wise to remain in the relationship or part ways.

3. Agree To Part Ways.

Even if you’ve done everything in your power to help facilitate a strong, long-standing relationship, you may find that parting ways is the most appropriate and advantageous thing to do. If this is the case, it’s important that you find a great divorce lawyer who can ensure that all of the legal proceedings move forward in an ethical, appropriate manner. Once you start looking for a divorce lawyer, click here for reviews of Cordell & Cordell, and to learn more about this dynamic legal firm and how they can help optimize your legal proceedings.


If you currently find yourself in a troubled marriage, you should know that there are many things you can do to make the situation better. By using some or all of the strategies outlined here, you will likely find yourself locating the appropriate solution for your marriage challenges.

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Spoil Your Man Anyday

By on November 4, 2012
comics launch
Comics and books for my man

Men can be difficult to buy for, especially if they have excelled at buying gifts for you in the past. But by finding out what your partner enjoys the most can make the task easier. For instance, if you know your significant other is into a band or comedian, try searching for upcoming shows or events. Remember, it is about his birthday and it may mean you have to sacrifice a few hours to go with him.

Perhaps a weekend away is what your partner desires. There are plenty of affordable, local options for those looking for a short trip. You can search these on the internet and you may score yourself a good deal if it is not in a peak period.

If it’s a milestone birthday, splash out on your partner by searching for an overseas holiday. In today’s economy it can often be less expensive to travel overseas than it is to take a trip locally or interstate.

If travel is not his thing, try giving him a confidence boost with some new clothing or mens shoes. You’ll be surprised how little it can take to give your man a confidence boost.

If entertaining is his thing, look for some handy or creative inventions that he may not have seen before. Perhaps something quirky for the barbecue area, a music system to liven up the area or lighting to create more atmosphere.

The most important thing to remember when buying a gift for your significant other is to think about it, do some research and think how it will make him feel. After all, giving a gift is not just about buying something for the sake of it. It is about showing your loved one that you appreciate them, that you love them and you want to make them happy.

How do you think he will feel if he opens up his birthday present to find another pair of socks?

Perhaps you could personalize his gift, such as engraving it with a message, printing a photo of the two of you on a mug or key-ring, or simply including a nice message in his card.

You might think that buying funny but ridiculous presents is a good idea at the time, but if he can’t use it in a practical way or get some enjoyment out of it, you are wasting your money and the chance to show your loved one what he means to you.

If travel and outdoor entertaining don’t seem suitable for your man, why not send him to a day spa or massage parlour?

It may not seem very manly, but it may be just what your man needs to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You could even book in as a couple so you enjoy the experience together.

Try not to ask your partner what he wants unless you are really stuck for ideas. Most men are likely to think of less expensive items so they don’t offend their partner and his birthday should be about spoiling him.

Instead, take an interest in what he likes, ask his friends or go with your own instincts about what he would like. After all, you should know him pretty well.

But after all this advice, if you still cannot find anything suitable for your man, a gift voucher from his favorite store should do the trick, allowing him to spend it on what he really wants.

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Supporting My Daughter through a Performance

By on October 18, 2012
at the stage

To be the most supportive mom as I could be is something I vowed to become when I gave birth to my daughter, that was 11 years ago. Today and in between those years, I’ve tried my best too. Whether it’s in school or whatever she fancies doing. She’s been into casting calls and I would accompany her, when she has a shoot I would be the one to take her, when she wanted to learn the flute I brought her two and had her enrolled in a lesson. She grew out of it and when she wanted to learn the piano I would bring her to the lessons and bought her a keyboard for starters, she did figure skating and I would carry those skates for her during practice. When she was picked for a theater play, I would spend hours at the dressing room waiting with her until she’s finally called for rehearsals, waiting for her to come back after the performance, it’s the same for the actual play. These and even taking her to the library and bookstores (this time with her brothers) to buy her favorite book are some of the things I did to show I support her. And I treasure every moment of it.

Some time ago she expressed the likeness to dancing, which I was surprised to hear. I never thought that she would be inclined to it because she’s been mostly doing music-related stuff.

It’s a hard knock life.
hard knock life dance
Where’s Annie?

For 4 months (give and take) she went to a jazz dance class with some of her classmates and other girls from neighboring classes. Yes, I would bring her every Thursday (while the boys went Kido). There, I saw how much fun she was having. She would come to me after practice relaying what happened and detailing them with enthusiasm (we were not supposed to watch so I just wait outside the gym).

The instructors then scheduled a recital to showcase what the girls have been practicing all along. We came in full support; mom, dad, and two boys to watch and root for her. It was held at the Wiener Metropol, attended by a crowd of parents, grandparents and siblings of all those performing.


There were 5 age groups performing and my daughter was in the 3rd age bracket – they’re the 9-11 ones and she was performing alongside some of her classmates and my son’s classmates who were one year younger. The first piece they performed was Annie’s It’s a Hard Knock Life. Dressed kids meant to clean up something messy, the group looked rather immaculate with white tops, aprons and pink or blue skirt. Some adorably wore uneven socks. Each of them had a pail and rug as how it was at the Broadway musical.

dance performance
Dancing to Ai se eu te pego

The second performance was to the tune of Michel Teló’s Ai Se Eu Te Pego. For this Brazilian reggae, they were dressed  a choli inspired top…a (hanging) long-sleeved midriff gypsy blouse…cute I must say! The pulled back hair in a bun that I did on my daughter proved lovely in here. It was also coincidental that i made her wore yellow flower earrings that matched the top perfectly.

The last of their performance was the cutest, the kids get to be cats and performed Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats. I opted for a tuxedo cat look when we were searching for costumes.  I think the ears may have been off being white and pink. ^_^ We should have gone with black instead…

cats jellicle cats
a lot of different felines!

Needless to say, I was surprised at how good my daughter at was dancing. Sure we’re dancing careless at home…when we’re playing silly or trying to finish a Just Dance routine. Imagine my surprise when my daughter did a back to back cartwheel and nailed it perfectly along with three others in their group. Since we haven’t been watching their practice, I really had no idea and I wasn’t ready for it that I just took multiple shots during the routine. I ended up with some good shots but as I was using a regular lens, there were movements obviously in a blur…here’s one shot while preparing for it and the other one during their second turn.

getting ready
back to back cartwheel

Their whole performance was indeed a delight to watch. Seeing that she has somehow develop a confidence that may not be easy for some made me even more proud.

No matter what our kids choose, it is always best to remember that they committed to such because they are different from us – and though we may have a different agenda seeing how they love an activity, kids do it for their own reasons. Let them find the one thing that makes them tick and support them for you to both enjoy the experience much better.

I had the perfect spot for taking shots.
cats jellicle cats performance
in front


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