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By on April 17, 2010

Sometime ago, I was hosting a bi-monthly project-sort-of contest…the SAHM project. Mommies do a home project with the kids every first and 15th of the month and we show each other vie our blogs. Back then,  some swarovski crystals and hello kitty bags were the prizes. I had to stop because I do not know how to raise money to buy the prizes needed for the contest. 🙁 I don’t have any fundraising ideas to promote so the project was put to a halt.

Lately though, I am getting ideas from my elder son. He came home with a piece of paper asking them to choose a postcard to buy, the proceeds will be donated to a charity. Cutely enough, the postcards were those of cute little pets, and which kid could resist that? I think this is part of the PTO fundraisers campaign. The school organizes a School day once a year and they of course needed funds for this. Last year, we weren’t able to attend the event as we had to fly to the Philippines for an emergency…This year, I hope I’d be able to attend and pick some more ideas on raising funds… 😉

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By on December 26, 2009

Some of my favorite photos for this year, not in particular order though.

calimaki Maki rolls. I love, love, love Japanese food! Suki desu!

sugpoLobsters. What I miss being away from the Philippines.
polo at blusa Polo y blusa. My kids grew up a bit.

jellies Jellyfishes. Underwaterworld in Sentosa, Singapore.

kalesa Fiaker. The classic beauty of Europe shown. A horse drawn carriage in front of the Schönbrunn Palace.

sapatos Shoes. Need I say more?
morning egg closeup Sunrise. Everyday, a new hope.

IMG_6329 Sakura. My favorite flowers. Looking forward to see spring.
basa Tears. This was the year (the half year) with most tears shed.

ajisai Ajisai. (Hydrangaea) Reminds me of my mom. She loves all kinds of flowers but this is something she doesn’t have yet which I know she’d simply grow into lots.
ucb United colors. They’re bigger.

lakad-2 Walk with confidence. Looking for more adventures in the future.

Thank you everyone!

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Books – PhotoHunt

By on May 30, 2009

german english dictionary

Some months ago, the theme for the City Daily photoblogs was “Books.” I shared the kids’ books there because our collection (hubby’s and mine) are not here. 😀 Today, let me show you my little boy (3 yrs old) who loves browsing the dictionary. lol. Everytime I do my homeworks, he would be beside me shifting pages after pages while saying ‘hausaufgabe‘ (homework) and would point on some words as if trying to read them. He is also fond of other picture books and tries to identify the colors and what is pictured there (mostly animals and insects). It is still some more years before he could read but I am glad that he has a fondness for books as I do.


Thumbs up by the way to Johannes Gutenberg for inventing the first  printing press! We now have books to read…. 😀


Libro, is the Spanish word for book and has also been more often used in the Philippines rather than the tagalog word ‘aklat‘. Here in Vienna, Libro is one of the biggest school, office supplies and bookstore. My daughter loves visiting Libro and I am biased too because her first magazine appearance was with them.


Happy weekend!

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Painted (Repost) – Photo Hunt

By on May 16, 2009

daniel paints

(June 08)

Little boy painted his first work of art and I was so excited about it, I rolled up the painting the kindergarten tantes gave me and took it home. I showed hubby our youngest son’s first attempt on Monet (hehe) but ended up forgetting to take a shot. Now I completely forgot to and thank them kindergarten tantes, they also have photos of the little boy doing his painting in action.

dani paints2

Its given, he likes playing with water a lot so painting for him is double the fun as he gets to play with colors too! And yes, my little boy is a left- handed as most famous artists were, the list goes from Albrecht Dürer, Paul Klee, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and more!

Here’s a mom hoping for his little boy to follow their leads! =D


alexie painting

Painting or drawing can get messy sometimes, especially for younger tots. Our walls at home would once in a while have markers on them, handprints and taped papers with scribbles. Messy as it may be, kids should not be stopped doing so. (I call them the Painted walls.)

Painting at an early age gives children the capability to recognize colors as they choose what colors to paint with. They see how combining the primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) create other colors.

Painting also becomes an outlet for kids to express their emotions that they can not easily speak out. Stroking, or simlply having to hold the brush practices their motoring skills…they learn how to do darker tones or paint lightly in the process.

Its good to have coloring books but blank papers give them more space for creativity. Who knows, your kid will someday join the ranks of Van Gogh or Monet when honed early. =)

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