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Goodbye summer…

By on September 2, 2010

Summer is over…too soon. Well it sometimes gets sunny but the cold breeze tells otherwise. We would go out with our thin jackets just to make sure we don’t get colds later on. Our 5 weeks vacation back home was an enjoyable one, despite the rains that we got occasionally. We were able to spend some time at the beach and swim in the pools with the kids’ new found friends. (read: clubhouse pools at mom and dad’s friends’ places) It is therefore unavoidable to think of the beach on gloomy days.

So, if you’re still experiencing summer where you are and looking for the best getaway with the family, I’d recommend a South Carolina beach experience for you! Myrtle Beach accomodations and resorts offer the best family fun package; hotel, golf and shopping for adults, museums, amusement parks and shows for the little ones.

Myrtle beach hotels feature generously-sized one, two, and three bedroom condominiums to accommodate every family, golf and vacation group, but they also offer affordable hotel rooms to fit every type of budget. Since the hotels are located by the beach, fresh sea-air will welcome you with a lovely ocean view to boot.  Grill along with fine dining is served.

Myrtle beach hotel reservations and resort packages are readily available for booking. Compare prices, which you prefer and that fits your budget and get ready for the best summer experience this side of town. Visit their website:

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Mommy Moments | stock photos


By on April 29, 2010


Meet my youngest, D, or who we lovingly call taba. He’s not that chubby as he was but at age 4 he still has baby fats tucked here and there. One of our friendly neighbors used “stark” as a description for him, it translates to the same english word meaning sturdy…In fact, the blue jacket he’s wearing is for kids aged 6!


These photos were taken earlier today, I am planning to enter a contest and I’m choosing which to send between these two. Help mommies! Kindly write A for the first picture and B for the second picture. Thanks a lot!

Happy mommy moments!

mommy moments

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Mommy Moments | stock photos


By on April 22, 2010

Red is my favorite color. 🙂 Most of my stuff are red and it’s the motif of  our humble abode. Some of you may remember the photo I used as my badge.  I set the shoot in our dining/living room with the red wall as background. It wasn’t easy getting that shot as the little boy, playful as he is, wouldn’t take the shoot seriously.


Still, all of us had fun that time…unfortunately for the fruits, they all ended up bitten by the little boy. And as it turned out, that photo I use for the badge became my favorite photo of them, one that has been of much use in print and once in TV.

(inside the tram)

Meet kuya C, the most kengkoy among my kids. Red is his color, he looks most handsome in red ala little Red Riding Hood! 😉

Some of the food we enjoy the most, Black forest cherry cake (my recipe and not the sour german version) and Chirashizushi…where’s the red there? The surimi, lol and beni shouga (pickled red ginger) and because the tuna slices are so fresh they are reddish-pink! (Click on photo for related recipe/story.)

Share your own moments:mommy moments

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Photo Hunt | SAHM Project | stock photos


By on December 26, 2009

Some of my favorite photos for this year, not in particular order though.

calimaki Maki rolls. I love, love, love Japanese food! Suki desu!

sugpoLobsters. What I miss being away from the Philippines.
polo at blusa Polo y blusa. My kids grew up a bit.

jellies Jellyfishes. Underwaterworld in Sentosa, Singapore.

kalesa Fiaker. The classic beauty of Europe shown. A horse drawn carriage in front of the Schönbrunn Palace.

sapatos Shoes. Need I say more?
morning egg closeup Sunrise. Everyday, a new hope.

IMG_6329 Sakura. My favorite flowers. Looking forward to see spring.
basa Tears. This was the year (the half year) with most tears shed.

ajisai Ajisai. (Hydrangaea) Reminds me of my mom. She loves all kinds of flowers but this is something she doesn’t have yet which I know she’d simply grow into lots.
ucb United colors. They’re bigger.

lakad-2 Walk with confidence. Looking for more adventures in the future.

Thank you everyone!

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