Dream Destinations for Kiddie Travellers

By on February 12, 2017


lamp, disneyland resort paris
Daughter at Disneyland Resort Paris

Traveling is a great way to expand people’s horizons. Experiencing different cultures and discovering new sights is a fun and exciting way to learn about the world. Travel fanatics would invest time and money in exploring new frontiers from the most rugged to the most modern destinations around. There are also those whose aim is to visit the Seven Wonders of the World during their lifetime and others who would be simply happy to travel in places that they can afford.

The wide range of travel packages available allows families to achieve their travel dreams easily. Parents can plan their vacation with the kids to destinations that will bring them memories to last a lifetime. Here are some vacation spots that Kiddie Travelers are sure to enjoy.

A. Paris, France. This Romantic City of Lights is a favored destination for sophisticated urban chic travelers, art lovers, and romantic couples but they also offer some great spots for children of all ages. A trip to Paris will not be complete without a trip to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Families can enjoy a lovely picnic in the lawn or surrounding park areas with a great view of the tower. The Seine River Cruise is also another way for the kids to enjoy the Paris landscape, scenery and architecture. But the most popular Parisian spot for kids is none other than Disneyland Paris. A day is not enough to cover all the wonderful attractions in their magical place and if the kids have their way, they’ll probably spend their entire vacation with the Disney Characters that they love.

hello kitty sanrio puroland
Sanrio Puroland

B. Japan is another fun and interesting place for the kids to visit. The land of Hello Kitty and anime characters hold some of the most innovative and modern structures around. The Sanrio Puroland Theme Park holds seven attractions that feature Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends. The kids will also love taking their pictures wearing various Sanrio costumes at the Mini Photo Factories and Plants at the Puroland. They also have their own Tokyo Disney Resort with the twin amusement parks Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Let the kids experience Japanese culture with a visit to the Ghibli Museum, Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower, a ride in the Bullet Train, and stop at a traditional Japanese Restaurant.

C. Germany is also a great destination for Theme Park Lovers with the Europa-Park and Legoland in its map. The Europa-Park, with a mix of attractions that cater to the adventurous thrill-seekers, children, senior citizens, and the disabled, is one of the best theme parks in the world . A visit to the themed areas, exhibitions and interactive areas is something that the kids will truly enjoy on top of the thrilling rides in the park. Legoland Parks hold more than just roller coaster rides, water adventures and shows in their park. Their MINILAND attraction is an amazing sight to witness. This wonder took over 25 million LEGO bricks to recreate famous European towns and landscapes. There are a lot more theme parks all over the country, you just have to look which is the nearest in the city you are visiting. Parents can also let their kids experience a bit of history and fairy tale magic with a trip to the Castle Road where they can get glimpse of some famous castles in the country.

D. Florida, USA. The sun and the sand make Florida a great destination for some outdoor beach fun for the whole family. Aside from some great family beach resorts, this state also has several theme parks that attract visitors from different parts of the world including Disneyland Florida, Universal Studios Orlando and Sea World Orlando.

E. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA is another bright city that both kids and adults can enjoy. Kid-friendly spots like the Adventure Dome, Lion Habitat, Mirage Dolphins, Stratosphere Tower, Town Square Las Vegas, and the Shark Reef are worth exploring. There are also family shows featuring magic tricks, musicals, and acrobatic performances for the kids to watch. Parents who would like to go on late night excursions after putting the kids to bed need to have an efficient and trusted guardian who can watch over the kids for a few hours.

The children of today are quite lucky to have affordable travel packages and modern conveniences that make traveling a practical leisure option for the whole family. It doesn’t have to take a lifetime to visit dream destinations anymore as some travel goals can be reached with a little planning and a little savings.

tucherland, germany
My kids and their cousin at Tucherland, Germany

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Munich and Me

By on August 18, 2014


munich steps
Karlsplatz, Munich

Too many cities to see, so little time. This has been a sentiment I heard too often, not just from myself but from most of my friends.

Grateful though that this year proved to be one with a lot of adventures, even if for just the nearer cities as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Venice (the last two for the second time)! Each of these cities are charming, distinct and a joy to explore. Venice is without a doubt my favorite…despite the fact that my legs would be aching at the end of the day, I would love to go back over and over. Munich comes closely when talking about pleasure walks and there are a handful reasons why.

Clean streets, luscious and green open parks, great architecture, and a sense of peace and friendliness all-around would be my overall impression. It’s certainly a city I would love to go back to, walk around, discover, and photograph.

this friendly city

So here are some of what I recommend to do and see while wandering about Munich.

1. Hofgarten – Munich’s oldest park, it is an Italian style Renaissance garden that dates back to the 16th century.

2. Marienplatz – The city’s main square where both the New City hall and Old City hall are located…a rather crowded zone, the Karlsplatz, with a lot of shopping boutiques and restaurants could be intimidating with its huge crowd.

3. Königsplatz – The King’s square, if you love Greek architecture as I do, this square is a must! Built in the style of European Neo-Classicism, the square houses three grand buildings: the “Ionic” Glyptothek, the “Doric” Propylaea and The “Corinthian” State Museum of Classical Art.  

Hofgarten dome
Pavilion at the Hofgarten

4. English Garden – One of the largest parks, not just in Munich or Europe but the world. It’s so big, make sure you are up for walking, it gets a bit tiring especially since there are no way you can go back to the entrance but to walk again. (I’m not entirely sure though as I might have not seen a station nearby, but, check out this information on Munich’s public transportation).

5. Nymphenburg Palace – A Baroque palace with gardens that are a pleasure to explore, too. The French garden, for example, features  the “Grand Cascade”, a two-part water staircase installation. There are also a number of pavillions worth seeing for their architectural designs.

6. Olympiapark – The  Olympic Park constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics which functions until today. The park is located at the Oberwiesenfeld, ner the BMW welt and there’s the Olympic tower, a communication tower you can climb to give you a beautiful view not just of the stadium but the whole of Munich as well. (See photo at the bottom of this post).

Monopteros, Nymphenburg Palace Gardens

Worth visiting too are the BMW Welt Museum for the car enthusiasts, Tierpark Hellabrunn (zoo) for the animal lovers, the Allianz Arena for football fans, the Brandhorst museum,  Alte Pinakothek and Pinakothek Moderne for lovers of the art, the Deutsches museum for those who enjoys history, and a handful of churches in all their grand designs for those whoe like gothic, baroque and neo-classical architecture. I would recommend booking your hotel on this website and go explore the very rich culture this Bavarian capital has to offer. Munich also has a lot to offer for a wonderful gastronomic experience, but, I’ll post about that on my food blog. ^_^

olympiapark, munich
Olympiapark stadium seen from the Olympic tower


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Explore Culture and the Beaches in Bodrum

By on November 28, 2012
Bodrum sunset

Meeting people from all walks of life is something I don’t hesitate to do. In fact, I try to learn “hello” and “how are you” and a few more sentences in different languages. It of course gets awkward when I speak to a random person and he or she thinks I’m fluent. I would then explain that I only know those particular sentences. ^_^ But, such works all the time, I get to engage someone in a conversation, no matter if it’s their mother tongue or even if it’s in English or German. This – also motivates me to travel.

Being said that, there is one language that I haven’t tried to learn, ironically too since most of the people around our flat speak it. Turkish, the official language of Turkey, is admittedly difficult for me to learn by myself. Why, you might ask, would I want to learn it? Well, a visit to Bodrum would be another thing crossed out from my bucket list – to visit at least 4 of the spots where the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World once stood. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, or Tomb at Mausolus is one of those that is a bit near where we live – so a visit sounds doable. The Mausoleum was once a proud feature of an ancient Greek city, Halica, at the site of modern Bodrum in Turkey – and it would be wonderful to see even the ruins…Though there is a scale model reconstruction of the Mausoleum in Miniatürk, Istanbul, it would be grander to be at the actual place where it once was.

mausoleum at Halicarnassus
a representation of the Mausoleum

The Turkish coast is a treasure trove of well…treasures! Shipwrecks discovered at the Aegean Sea are now house at the Bodrum castle which is now more popularly known as the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The museum boasts of collections of ancient glass, bronze, clay, iron items that were excavated from underwater – the biggest of its kind devoted to underwater archaeology. To a history buff as myself, it would be awe-inspiring…to say the least to see such a collection.

Bodrum is also a one of the more convenient tourist regions to visit in Turkey being 21 miles from the airport. Blue green waters, white stucco houses, enchanting hills concealed by bougainvilleas and luscious greenery. The impeccable beaches are nothing but sublime…flat and calm in the morning, breezy and cool soon, you can go sailing, swimming and then dine at a waterside restaurant and feel so close to nature. At dusk, it is a portrayal of serenity and contentment. As the golden ball of fire goes down the horizon, one thinks Bodrum should be listed as one of the best places to watch sunsets. I’ll vote up!

enchanting sunset (photo via

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The Mirage

By on May 24, 2012
The mirage
The Mirage, Vegas

I’ve always associated myself with the word Mirage, thus the name of this blog. What’s a Mirage?

  1. An optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water, often with inverted reflections of distant objects, and results from distortion of light by alternate layers of hot and cool air. Also called fata morgana.
  2. Something illusory or unobtainable.
As I once said, “In life, there are things that would be just an illusion, no matter how near they may be.” It’s a fitting description too for one of the expensive hotel-resort constructed in history, The Mirage, a hotel-casino at the Las Vegas Strip. There, on a business trip or vacation, one can forget the worries of everyday life and experience the ephemeral joys of easy life (albeit spent with a high price).


Mirage, unobtainable, yet in a fleeting moment one can enjoy the luxury life has to offer in this grand hotel. Sleep soundly in a comfortable room with quality service and have a view of the wonderful nightlights at the strip before you dose off. Their buffet tops the ranks among the strip, not only with quality service but with fresh and sumptuous food at very affordable prices.


If you are one who enjoy playing online whether puzzles, strategic, role-playing games, or card games such as poker or betting games like those offered by, you can enjoy such at The Mirage. Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and a lot more are what you can expect to play there.


If like me you are one who does not gamble, here are some of the things you can do when you visit Las Vegas.


Shop. As with other hotels around the strip, The Mirage offers an array of brands to choose from. You don’t need to go far to buy your new pair of shoes and a dress to go with it. There’s the Watch Boutique which showcases the finest watches and assorted jewelry from around the world. There are also shops for snack items, Godiva chocolates, logo merchandise and plush toys that would be great as giveaways to family and friends when you come back home.


Relax. Spend a quiet hour or two relaxing and having a massage, a scrub or facial treatment or the whole package and enjoy your stay even more having that feeling of ease. Pamper yourself – your nails and  even your crowning glory at the best Salon, the Strip has to offer.


Swim. The Mirage pools interconnect through lagoons and has a magnificent cascading waterfall, so picturesque. Enjoy sunbathing or have a leisurely swim in its crystal clear waters.


Enjoy. Golf, Gardens, Dolphins, Aquarium. Boredom is a word that doesn’t exist here so enjoy whichever you fancy, from playing golf to having a stroll at the lush gardens or from watching a dolphin show to the viewing the most colorful fishes around.


Enjoy your stay at The Mirage for it is a mirage after all, you’d only know it’s gone after you come back to work the next day. ^_^
Mirage Las Vegas Pool
The Mirage, Dreamy. Photo credits: hubby and google

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A piece of Paradise – BC Resorts

By on August 5, 2011

(google image)

I’m all go for island trips and outdoor adventures especially if it’s summer time…our summer hasn’t been so giving so we went out to a trip and visited mom-in-law. Too bad that the weather is the same as in Vienna. 🙁

My brother who lives in Canada has been sending us photos of their trip to Western Canada and I’m all envy. BC Resorts, for example, promises golfing, boat tours, view of orcas and bears and spa retreats. An adventure and wellness getaway for the whole family…

My hubby is fortunate enough to be visiting in October…the kids and I would be left behind — school matters alright, but next summer would hopefully be full of promise. 😉

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