Weddings and all that (apart from wedding decorations)

By on March 12, 2012

orange bouquet

Weddings are not as easy as one may think. There’s the invitation to think of, the guest list, wedding decorations that corresponds with the motif, wedding dress, favors, food, cake and the list just goes on. That’s just the part that the couples are to prepare…how about the couples’ parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and ring /bible bearers?

It’s fun and certainly a proud moment if your kids get to be flower girls or ring bearers in the next wedding event you’ll be attending. As a mom, one has to prepare for this too. First, one has to coordinate with the bride and groom or the wedding planner. If they are to shoulder the expenses for the dresses then all you have to do is take your kid/kids to the fitting and when the dress or suits are finished, you just have to make sure it fits…make necessary adjustments by then. If this is not the case, one should know the theme and motif to be able to buy an appropriate gown or dress for little girls and suitable ties and matching shoes for little boys.

Second, you have to make sure that your kid is in good mood during the ceremony…kids could go fickle-minded at the last moment or agitated especially the younger ones so anticipate tantrums, hunger complains and that. Sure weddings are fun but it could be boring for little kids to wait so make sure you have something with you that would make them busy when that happens. Talking to them about behaving in a wedding would do wonders too but most of the time, they would anyway find it uneasy to stay seated for long. ^_^

flower girl walking
My daughter was prim and proper during my brother's wedding.
ring bearers, bible bearers
My boys, littlest one was striding instead of walking...unexpected!

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Dresses (for weddings)

By on December 2, 2011

Our trip home last year was not purely vacation. We attended my older brother’s wedding and the boys stood as bible bearers while daughter was one of the flower girls. She donned a haltered- flowing white gown made of chiffon and tulle. The boys wore white silk terno and white shoes.

Being away proved difficult for the fitting. I am no dressmaker. True, I had lessons back in grade school but I do not have a decent tape measure so the ensemble ended up ill-fitted. ^_^ I had to make adjustments so they would be wearable.

So here are some things that you might want to consider when choosing or having a dress (bridesmaid or not) for a wedding done. That is, if the couple would not provide for the dresses or the dressmaker at the least.

Get a real dressmaker to measure you up or anyone in the family for that matter. I had to learn this one the hard way. Make sure you add a bit of allowance for measurements.

Have the dresses done way ahead of the planned wedding date, in case you got thinner (hopefully not the other way around), you’d get the chance to have your dress fixed.

Coordinate with the bride or wedding planner for your dress’ color. You wouldn’t want to show up having the most different dress, would you? You’ve often read and heard to leave white to the bride, there’s a good reason to heed that.

If all else fails you can always  look and eventually buy bridesmaid dresses,  mother of the bride dresses as well as for mother of the groom too from Gray & Osbourn by some of the top UK designers.

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Unique Exposures | Weddings


By on June 3, 2011


When I was a little kid my mom would take me with her to her home province, Marinduque, to attend weddings of relatives. I often find myself in a dreamy state at wedding receptions…much like the same feeling I had watching the wedding of William and Catherine Mountbatten – Windsor (William and Kate).


Above photo is of my older brother and sister-in-law. They are doing the traditional wedding dance while an aunt and a cousin pin money on kuya’s barong. This has been a tradition I’ve long seen in Marinduque, it is to help the newlyweds with their expenses as a new couple. I’m not sure when did couples in our province, Cavite, started having such because I remember mostly utensils and whatever couples can use at home are the popular choices for wedding gifts.


A post for Unique Exposures Dance Challenge.

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By on April 16, 2010

lantern A wedding, simply put is the ceremony that marks the union of two people in love. Simple? No, wedding these days have evolved not just from a glamorous event but to an expensive display of wealth. Don’t get me wrong, I love weddings and I enjoy taking wedding photographs. 😉 Like Kevin Doyle (not the footballer but the leading guy in 27 Dresses played by James Marsden), I think that there’s too much commercialism in it…well, which occassion doesn’t?

I agree though with Jane Nichol’s (Katherine Heigl in the same movie) view of  weddings as sacred…I like garden and beach weddings at best (you probably know now I really enjoyed that movie).

When I was still single, some friends and I would arrange for making souvenirs, designing bouquets and picking out the most appropriate wedding decorations for other friends or friends’ friends who will tie the knot. Sort of wedding planners but not that pro. (lol)

My brother would tie the knot soon…his bride is the youngest and only girl in the family so I have reason to believe that it would be a grand event. I’ve signed myself as a secondary photographer, brother-in-law being the official one. Regardless of my mixed feelings about weddings, I’m really looking forward to seeing the minute details in it and let myself get lost to the beauty and magic that weddings bring for hopeful romantics like me.

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