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Taking Pictures On The Slopes

By on January 14, 2015


family ski trip
A photo that I took during our last ski trip, before heading down the hill.


Whether it’s your first time on the slopes or you’re an experienced skier, you might want to get some pictures of yourself on the snow. There are ways that you can get amazing pictures while you are skiing that will let you remember your day and see how your placement on the skis is so that you can improve.

The best time to take pictures while skiing is before you head down the hill and while you’re going downhill. Try not to take pictures while you are going through curves. Instead, let someone else take them as they are standing on the side. You can get some action shots if the person knows how to control the zoom and the shutter speed. Avoid getting dead space in the picture. You don’t want to have a picture of only you with a large area of white snow surrounding you in the picture. This is where the zoom feature comes in handy.

boys sled, skiing
Waiting for dad.


Most of the time, you won’t have a camera attached to your goggles while you’re skiing. If you can attach a small camera, then this would be the best way to get pictures of the slopes and the maneuvers that you do while on the snow. There are some ways that someone on the sidelines can use to get the best pictures possible. It will be cold outside, so you need to know how to handle the camera. The batteries in the camera might not be able to withstand terribly cold temperatures. You will need to have extras in case they fail. The shutter might also be a little slower than usual, so you need to be ready to snap a picture as soon as you get the shot in the frame. Keep everything in your coat pocket until you’re ready to start taking pictures. If you only have a large camera, consider downsizing for these pictures to something smaller so that you can keep the camera warm.

When you take want pictures that give the impression of speed, there are some things that you can keep in mind. You need to know of the right location to sit so that you get the best shot when the skier is going past you. You can communicate with the skier so that he will know where you will be if he wants to do some kind of trick. You should also give the skier a signal so that he knows when you are ready to start taking pictures. This will also help keep the camera from being exposed to the cold air for a long period of time. If you have on gloves, take them off before shooting so that they don’t interfere with hitting the buttons on the camera. You can stand in the path of the skier if you want to get a shot of the front of the person, but you need to be ready to move out of the way quickly. Most new cameras have autofocus so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting the target in the frame. Jim Decker’s Twitter page shows examples of pictures that can be taken on the slopes.

skiing, gondola, gopro
A Gopro camera attached to the helmet is a good idea, too. ^_^


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Winter activities

Winter Time Camera Moments for the Family

By on February 4, 2013


The winter season is usually associated with hibernation or little activities in nature. This may be true with animals and plants that take a reprieve during the cold season but when it comes to family fun there is no such thing as hibernation. Bring out the excitement in your household with some of these suggested activities that are also great camera moments for the whole family.

indoor skating
you can go indoor…


  • Explore outdoor activities like playing in the snow and Ice Skating. Don’t let the kids simply watch the snowflakes fall from the window. Give them some moments to play in the snow especially when Mr. Sun is out there to help keep them warm. You help each other build a snowman or a snowman family, snow castles and forts, snow angels etc. Those who would like some exciting outdoor action can try sledding, tubing, skiing or ice skating. Make sure you have your camera ready in every activity and try to capture candid moments or postcard worthy pictures that can be shared with friends and loved ones.
  • Battle boredom with some board games. Whenever the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities, one can depend on traditional board games to bring some fun in the house. These games aren’t just fun, they are also great family bonding activities that promote good sportsmanship for the children. Have a balanced set of age appropriate games ready to make it easy for everyone to get into the games.


red skating
or outdoor skating
  • Get creative with crafts and hobbies. Stock-up on craft supplies that you can use for art projects at home. The projects can be planned to match current home improvement needs, decorations for the holidays, or presents for loved ones. Take pictures while the kids are making the presents and use the picture in the gift tags to make the gifts more special.
  • Have a Family Cook-Off Weekend. Teach the kids some basic cooking skills and get the whole family into some friendly cooking competition. You can refer to Iron Chef or Master Chef’s mechanics in establishing your own game rules. Pair the kids with adult members of the family and let each team explore their own creativity in cooking dishes.

These are just some fun filled family activities that you can try for the winter. It doesn’t matter which one your try or if you have your own winter fun activity to share. Each bonding moment with the family is something that is worth capturing in photographs. When the time comes you can share these pictures with kids and grandkids of your own and give them a taste of your childhood experience.

Best time to perfect macarons!

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