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By on July 30, 2013


If you are like most people, you probably have an opinion about almost everything. You have picked your side when it comes to most political or social issues. You know where you stand on various ideas and what types of entertainment you like. How would you like to make some money with the best paid online surveys? Why keep your opinions to yourself any longer?

There are tons of surveys out there, relating to just about anything that you can think of. Most of them have to do with consumer goods. The survey will ask you when you last purchased a certain type of item, how much you paid for it, where you bought it, why you bought it, and why you chose that particular retailer, among other things. They want to know about your buying habits. This is how large corporations figure out which direction they should take with their new products and their advertising campaigns. If they know what consumers are thinking, they can cater both things to those consumers.

online survey, opinion matters
…and get paid too!

When you take online surveys, you are giving companies information that they desperately want and need. They spend countless man hours each year trying to figure out exactly what consumers want so that they can meet those needs and fulfill those desires. If you are willing to volunteer this information, it makes it a lot easier for the companies. This is why they are willing to pay you for the surveys; for them, this is a small price to pay.

Now, some of the things that you talk about are strictly going to be opinions, rather than the facts referenced above. For example, the survey might ask you why you thought one product was better than another. Pretend you bought an LCD television. They will want to know why you like it more than a plasma TV. You could mention details, such as picture clarity, but you might just say that you thought the TV looked better, that the design was more attractive, and so you picked it because you wanted the more attractive television set in your home. It is, after all, a decoration as much as anything else.

Despite being so opinion-based, this information is still valuable to companies. They do not care that your reasons for liking one product over another were superficial; they are just interested in the fact that you cared enough about those things to base your buying decision off of them. They want to make whatever most people will prefer. If those preference relate to aesthetic appeal instead of technical specifications, it makes no difference. They will still want to know about it to product the most sought-after products on the market.


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Working in the Translation Services Industry

By on February 24, 2012

german english dictionary

*Making this post resurface including improvements about my hope to work in the translation services industry.  😉
When I started this blog, I saw to it that I write articles that are long enough to be categorized as a worthy read.
As days, months passed by I ran out of ideas, I relied on my photos to take space on my blog, literally putting into use the cliche ‘a picture paints a thousand words.’
I blame three things not only for the lack of creative juices but english posts as well. One, I am speaking two other languages that English has to take a back seat. I see to it that my kids speak Tagalog and I practice German outside the house. Oh how I wish to work as a translator someday…
Second, I do not have the time to write lengthy posts as I allot myself about two hours of blogging only. Priority goes over to my City daily Photoblog, Vienna Daily.
Lastly, I haven’t been reading books much. Honestly, even my bible’s pages are getting (un-)crumpled for sitting in the bookshelf sometime now. My imagination has really dried up and my writing ‘rusty’.


I guess I need to be like the little boy above. He would take the dictionary, browse it as if he can read. I need to read, take note of the words used, how they are used and get that into writing. I seriously need to make use of the two hours blogging and write about anything under the sun. This is my new resolve, let’s see what happens 😉


By the way, Sprechen Sie Spansich?


You know I use altavista’s babelfish translation when I need to check on words I don’t clearly understand. Months ago I noticed this error and was disappointed to still see it there today.


spansich altavista mistake

Hope they find this post and update it lol! 😉

Ten years. That’s how long I’ve been in Vienna and how long I’ve been trying to master German. Unfortunately, German has far different structuring than English and Tagalog (Filipino). Even noun genders are identified differently from how I was used to knowing them in English and Spanish. I’ve mentioned a lot of times how I wanted to work as a translator and so far I’ve finished some jobs that I wasn’t too proud of because for the first one, I needed help doing it. First experience on the job, they say, and it’s somehow bound to have imperfection. That’s that or just me justifying it. The second job was way better but it didn’t go as expected and my self-esteem is still too hurt I don’t want to talk about it. *sniff* The following jobs were smaller but I did better I think…

Anyway, looking back to 4 years ago (above post was published in November 2008) I’m proud that my hope to become a translator has finally begun. After finishing my courses, that’s in German, Spanish and translation studies I plan to further my Japanese knowledge. Also, I need to work on more translation jobs albeit small and build up my resume. Perhaps and hopefully it won’t take me another 3 or 4 years to update this post. 🙂

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