The Mark of a Writer: Putting Your Name on Your Own Book Cover

By on June 16, 2014


It is every writer’s dream to get published. And this is not just any other form of written publication. Writers dream about publishing at least one book in his name. Coming up with something significant to write about is a challenge in itself. There are several ways to go about this. You have to think about a topic that you are most passionate about. It needs to be something that you are really interested in and would enjoy the process of researching and writing about it. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. When you enjoy what you are writing about, you will not find it difficult to write your book at all.

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You can take inspiration from the books that you enjoy reading too. Be careful, though, of copying anything from these books. You have to make your book your own; it has to be uniquely yours in terms of content and tone. Your personality should come across in the book that you are writing. This way, your readers will feel a connection with your words. They have to be captivated enough to keep on reading and perhaps even recommend your book to others. That is, of course, if you want to promote your book. But, even if you are only writing for a select group of people, you still have to make sure that you satisfy their need for information and entertainment. The whole point of publishing a book is not merely to have your name in the cover, but also for people to actually read it.

It’s easier to get published today than it was a decade ago. You can easily write an ebook and distribute it online. Check out Amazon and Kindle for authorship platforms through which you can publish your book. The niches are vast and you can write about any topic from any angle you desire. You can write self-help books, novels, bios, or even reviews of other books and distribute them in the form of ebooks even if you are not a known writer. You do not have to spend much for publication and distribution. Some even start making money out of ebook writing by using their own ebooks for their online marketing activities.

Your first step to writing your own book is to make the decision to write it now. Procrastinating and waiting for the right book idea will not get you anywhere. Read books from other authors. Read about success stories of how new authors have been able to realize their dreams of getting published. Get inspiration from these writers and start writing your own book now. With passion and talent, you can accomplish your dream sooner than you think you could.

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Productivity in Chaos: Setting the Stage for Writing

By on March 27, 2013


Writing is both a skill and a talent.  Even those who know how to write might not be able to put words on paper easily all of the time.  Some writers have to be in the right creative mind set in order to write.  While there are writers who require some peace and quiet or a relaxing environment to get their creative juices flowing, there are also those who thrive in chaos to get all the words flowing from their minds.  Such is the case of writers who write under pressure.  While the state of chaos holds negative connotation, it often works to the advantage of these writers.  As overly scientific and philosophical as it may seem, there is truth to the chaos theory that chaos and order are embedded in one another.

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It could be quite unsettling to have a chaos of ideas running through a writer’s mind.  But, these jumbles of ideas are what results in beautifully written masterpieces.  The interaction between the conscious ego and the collective unconscious brings forth interesting ideas that would not otherwise have come in the most orderly state.    The best writers are able to bring order to these thoughts and organize them into pieces that their readers will appreciate. Chaotic order does not mean getting drowned in all the ideas.  The stirrings of the mind will have to be drawn out and organized so that they can be meaningful.

 To set the stage for more productive writing, writers should always have something in which to document their thoughts.  It could be as traditional as pen and paper or perhaps as modern as voice dictation software on a tablet or smart phone.  Taking note of every idea, no matter ho  miniscule or trivial it may seem, is important. These trivial ideas can be woven into a literary masterpiece when the creative juices start to pump.

Writers, however, should be cautioned against jotting down notes on random slips of paper.  The point of writing these ideas down is so that the writer can refer back to them when it comes time to write. This makes it necessary to have a specific notebook for writing related thoughts and ideas, no matter how cluttered the environment is. Tools like tabs and clips also come in handy.  How the writers organize these thoughts depend on what works best for them.   While chaos has become a fact of life for most writers, bringing order to this state is not at all impossible.

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Read More, Write Better

By on January 8, 2013


Practicing one’s craft is the best way to improve on it. The quote “Keep on writing” or something similar is often used in guide books for aspiring writers to help them become better in their craft. But there is one other thing that can help writers in upgrading their skills, and that is reading. A lot of writers get their inspiration from authors that they respect and admire. Those who are already inspired continue to read so they can enrich themselves with more things to write about. Some may not realize it, but reading has a lot of hidden benefits for an aspiring writer. Here are some ways to make reading work for your writing.

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1. Set a Reading Habit. Make it a goal to read a book on your free time or finish at least one book a week. You can start with books about topics of interest or your favorite authors to make it more entertaining. Once you get into the habit then you can widen your horizon by exploring good books from other genres. This can give you an idea on how others form their phrases and sentences or be exposed to different writing styles. It is also a more enjoyable way of learning new words and idioms.

2. Have Fun with Words. There are times when one encounters a new word while reading. Listing it down and looking it up in the dictionary will help expand your vocabulary. One can also have fun with their newly acquired words by forming sentences around it.

3. Express your Opinions in a Review. Most people see book reviews as a school requirement that they would rather ditch. Aspiring writers can look at it as a way to express their views on the topic and the quality of writing. Aside from honing their critical thinking ability, it can also help boost their confidence to write and share their thoughts with the readers.

There are more ways in which one can use reading as a tool for writing. The challenge for non-bookworms is to start the reading habit now and realize the rewards as soon as possible.


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