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October 3, 2011

(My youngest son with a friend’s dog.)

I grew up having a dog at home…mostly gifts from Dad’s or Mom’s friends which I would take care of as much as I could. (I was a normal student and kid back in those days hehe). I’d feed them, give them a bath and play around with them when I can. I still remember most of the dogs I had and my favorite would always be a bulldog I named Caster.

I’m not surprised that my kids have taken the same liking to dogs as I did. They know  a dog breed just by looking  which amazed most of the owners of those they identify. Like the one below…while on our way home my daughter bursted out “Mom, it’s an Akita Inu!” The owner smiled and asked us if we were Japanese. 😀 I explained to him that my kids like learning about dogs and that they knew them from pictures and films. Since then he would let us stroke and play a bit with C (his dog) everytime we chance upon them by the playground. He even let me took a photo of C one  snowy day.

(An akita inu around our neighborhood that we often say hello to.)

Given the chance I’d get us a dog to take care of…it would be nice to have one that would grow old with us as the kids do. Their loyalty has long been tested, remember Hachiko?  I know  too that the kids would learn a lot about discipline having a dog around. Plus, walking dogs is a nice exercise for hubby and I. Living in an apartment is not an appropriate setup for a dog and 3 kids so might as well wait until we get a bigger place…for the meantime, we would just play with friends’ dogs and our kois at home.

  1. I love dogs too! C is really adorable and I love the photo. Glad your kid is starting to like dogs as well as much as you do. I would definitely agree that dogs can be the most loyal pet.

  2. cute were the first photo, they look like they were friends forever.
    (i shied in comparison with ur kids, when what i only knew is “askals” 🙂 )

  3. love the akita inu. great that kids love pets. They say that kids who have had pets grow up to be caring individuals.

    btw, sis, grabbed your badge for my top commenters sidebar feature. thanks for visiting us!

  4. i agree kids will learn how to be more responsible when they have their pets to take care of 🙂 we have three dogs – a dalmatian,bassett hound and a beagle having their own kennel in our backyard 🙂

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