Kids readily posed with a friend by the golden man for the first time.

When I first came to Vienna I had a photo of me taken beside a golden robot statue (painted living statue). For some, those statues are nuisance but to tourists they are added attraction. Through the years, these street performers or human statues have become more creative (for lack of an adjective) and more rigid. They can stay without moving much longer now…until you put coins into their tin can (or what seems to be a can) of course.

Yesterday was the first time that the kids posed with one and because their friend agreed to pose too. I’ve been trying to make them for so many years now. ^_^

We haven’t been to the city center for some time now, I blame the weather since this year’s winter was just extreme. So yesterday after our bible meeting we went to have an early dinner (or super late lunch) with family friends and took some time going about, bought some sweets at Starbucks and had fun walking albeit a short time. So here’s to a long week of home fun and city adventure. No school for this week! 😉