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College Thinkers

November 24, 2011

Wouldn’t you be proud to see that one of our own is featured in this graphic about the Colleges of our (worldwide) top thinkers? I am, and because I went to the same University too! Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was one of the top thinkers listed here along US Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush; Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela; Charles, Prince of Whales for political figures. Others listed are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates or undoubtedly their contribution to technology; Sir Isaac Newton for Science, Math; Stephen King for being a bestselling author; Steven Spielberg  for his contributions to the entertainment industry; business entrepreneurs Marc Jacobs and Sam Walton and Che Guevara, revolutionist.


Top Thinkers from College

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  1. Having Rizal in this graph makes me a real proud Pinoy. I could only imagine how intelligent he is. What could have happened if he was still alive after our independence? What if he became a president? =) Meron pa kayang Rizal sa panahon ngayon?

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