Remember Will and Grace? It’s one of our favorite show back in the days. Hubby and I would laugh real hard and talk about the episodes long after. The show was a bit controversial since two lead characters were gay. The story actually centers on Will, a gay lawyer and Grace, a straight interior designer. The two live in New York and are the best of friends. Grace was engaged but when that relationship falls apart, she moved in with Will. It was supposed to be until Grace finds a place of her own, but she and Will end up with each other as permanent roommates. Also in the cast are Jack, Will’s flamboyant gay friend and Karen, Graces’ secretary/assistant who was also a very funny character.

Despite criticism for its particular portrayal of being a homosexual, it went on to become a top rating show. Watching the episodes closely one would clearly see deep friendship in the two’s closeness, personal jokes, and ability to finish each other’s sentences.

Such shows are really a good way to make us see the goodness of having friendships with people from all walks of life. And though I don’t endorse same sex-relationships, I am glad that there’s virtually a big development in accepting gays around the world and a relatively big decline when it comes to humilation and maltreatment. There have been a lot of help coming fromgay liberation, gay Romania and other LGBT social movements.