pooh and charlie

Who else is cuddlier than Winnie the pooh? Ah……for me, that would be babies!

First photo was taken when my elder son was barely 2 years old. He loves cuddling stuffed toys and everyone around him. That sweetness of course rubbed on the little boy (2nd photo) as he is the same, not just cuddly but kissy too! (He’d also sing  an I love you song  in 7 languages.)


The last photo is probably my favorite of theirs. This is one of those earlier moments when they don’t have the word “quarrel” in their vocabulary yet. The bigger brother would be very helpful when it comes to the needs of the little one. He’d bring me diapers when there’s a need to change. He’d fetch the bottle and give it to the little one when he cries (on instances that I might be in the toilet). He’d play with the little one and make him laugh by making faces, playing peek-a-boo and tickling.

It’s sad sometimes to think that change is inevitable and even kids ain’t spared. I know that it’s part of growing up and building bonds require those quarrels to make them stronger…they would anyway forget whatever caused the other to cry in seconds so it ain’t a big deal. It’s true what the bible says, “foolishness is tied up with the heart of a boy” (Proverbs 22:15) however, to be childlike is just as  wise…forget strife and live on, put a smile and be happy…enjoy the freedom but never use it as an excuse for badness. (Matthew 18:3, 4 and 1 Peter 2:16)

Happy cuddling!