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May 10, 2011


A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. ~Author Unknown

I must admit I have difficulty dealing with my daughter…I get along with my boys better but it doesn’t mean that she is less or anything below the two. It’s me who has the problem…I think and hope it’s just Oedipus complex and that the time would come that my daughter and I would be the best of friends. How do you manage your relationship with your daughter? (It’s a question I’ve always had in my head.)

For Kim Klassen’s Texture Lovin (my #3 post) – textured with Silence.

  1. My Mom is my best friend, I didn’t know how she managed to have the best relationship with me. I guess, it’s because I’m an only child ‘coz I’m having the same difficulty with my elder daughter too.

  2. I don’t have children but My mother is mother not my best friend like it should be, friend are elsewhere. When I was little I was daddy’s girl like many other girls were more with daddy’s than mothers. Don’t stress up:)
    Do you meant what is mine top flower…I really can’t say. Now after long winter I love even those flowers which I don’t like so much. I have this endless need for beautiful things and what is the best for that purpose than nature. I just have to try to relax…I don’t have to shoot every minute about every little things what is happening now out there:)

  3. What a gorgeous picture! I’m not sure I manage my relationship with my girl very well. We’re really close, but that’s because she’s always been very attached to me. I try to listen to her and her feelings, even now when she’s only 2, in hopes that I’ll understand her as she grows up. We’ll see.

  4. I’m also not that close with my mom. I think because she was so strict. While we were growing up, me and my sisters were never given the opportunity to voice out our own opinion. Whatever she say should always be followed.

  5. Nice picture! In my opinion, I really want to have a daughter, I think I will have it in the future, I have my boy with me. So I’m contented. Much better to make a strong relationship between you and your daughter. 🙂

  6. Beautiful photo of a precious daughter.
    I’ve always heard that girls and their fathers are closer and boys and their mothers are closer. Doesn’t mean you love the daughter any less, of course.

  7. We have two boys and then I call it later in life (almost 40) we had our little girl (who is 27 now)….I would say yes, the boys were so much easier that she was. The boys just never challenged when told something, and they didn’t want to have the best in clothes/shoes, which she has learned since growing up that she can’t afford those things either. Although, she has been a blessing as well as the boys. They are each individuals and special in their own way as are all children. We were friends, but they always knew who the adult and parent was. Loved visiting your site and the picture and texture is wonderful…love the pose and the hat. Adoreable.

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